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Unlock your artistic power with MonAI, your source for fast, unlimited, free AI art!
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MonAI is a free AI art creator that allows you to create stunning works of art with just a few taps. It is powered by Stable Diffusion, a state-of-the-art AI model that can generate realistic and creative images from text descriptions.

Home feed

When you first open MonAI, you will be greeted by the Home feed. This is where you can browse through a curated selection of AI-generated art created by other users. You can also see a list of the latest AI models that have been added to the app.

Create art

To create your own art, simply tap the Create button. You will then be able to choose from a variety of options, including:

  • Text prompt: Enter a text description of the image you want to create. MonAI will then use this description to generate an image for you.
  • Image prompt: Upload an existing photo or drawing to use as a starting point for your AI-generated image.
  • Negative prompt: Enter a text description of something you do not want in your image. This can be useful for fine-tuning your results.

Advanced features

If you are a more experienced user, you can also explore MonAI’s advanced features. These features give you more control over the AI generation process, and allow you to create more complex and sophisticated images.

  • Keyword selector: This tool allows you to select keywords from a list that will be used to influence the AI generation process.
  • AI models: MonAI offers a variety of AI models to choose from, each with its own unique style and capabilities. You can experiment with different models to see which one produces the best results for your desired image.
  • Image sizes: You can choose to generate images in a variety of sizes, from small thumbnails to large wallpapers.


MonAI also has a thriving community of AI artists. You can share your creations on social media with the hashtag #monai_art, and participate in daily word challenges to be featured on the app’s official channels.


MonAI offers a variety of helpful tutorials to help you get started with the app. These tutorials cover everything from how to create your first AI-generated image to how to use the advanced features.


MonAI is a powerful AI art creator that is accessible to everyone, regardless of their skill level. It is a great way to create unique and creative images, and to explore the possibilities of AI art.

Additional tips and tricks

  • To get the best results, try to be as specific as possible when writing your text prompts. For example, instead of writing “a cat,” write “a fluffy white cat sitting on a red couch.”
  • You can use multiple text prompts in a single image. For example, you could write “a fluffy white cat sitting on a red couch, looking at a bird flying outside the window.”
  • If you are not happy with the results of your AI-generated image, you can try adjusting the sliders in the advanced menu. You can also try using a different AI model or generating the image in a different size.
  • Don’t be afraid to experiment! There are no rules when it comes to AI art. Try different things and see what you can create.


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