Lithium: EPUB Reader

Lithium: EPUB Reader

Lithium is an EPUB reader built on simplicity.

• The Privacy Policy has been updated due to the addition of automatic crash reports. They are            toggled with the same switch as usage data.
• Text alignment option.
• More highlight colors for Pro users.
• Polish translation (thanks to a user.)
• Bug fixes.

• Custom themes: The preset themes not to your liking? Customize your page background, text color and link colors. Create, delete and edit themes. You can access the custom themes feature by tapping the three-dots under Theme in  display settings after upgrading.
• Support the developer
• More features later


• Clear search history.
• Improved cover detection.
• UI tweaks.
• Bug fixes.

Pro status update :
• The following countries have been added since the release of Pro: Canada, U.K., Brazil, Japan, the      Philippines, Switzerland, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, South Africa, and Saudi Arabia


  • Lithium: EPUB-Lese-App Screenshot
  • Lithium: EPUB-Lese-App Screenshot
  • Lithium: EPUB-Lese-App Screenshot

Downloads : PRO features Unlocked

Lithium: EPUB Reader v0.20.2 [Pro] / Mirror

Lithium: EPUB Reader v0.20.1 [Pro] / Mirror

Lithium: EPUB Reader v0.20.0 [Pro] / Mirror