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Have you seen the International Space Station? You can actually see it in the night sky.
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ISS Detector Pro will be a valuable tool for identifying satellites on Earth and determining their exact position. Only users can discover the charm of this educational app. Users are overwhelmed by the increasing size and functionality of applications. We can move between the real and virtual worlds and see the entire planet. The program continues to go from strength to strength to give you the best possible experience.

Unique tracking

If you are passionate about all things space, the application is a special point.This application will help you see the night sky in the most realistic way. More notably, the application’s unique tracking feature allows you to see everything on this planet.

Watch all titles

Users simply select the feature that monitors all surrounding satellites and are ready to go. This application helps you observe the most realistic satellites and from these satellites you can see bright spots that you should pay attention to. An interesting point is that this observation helps us see the satellite’s highlights through the intermediate prism.

Transmission calculation

Of course, not all satellites on Earth are stationary and can move at any given time. The user can use this function to calculate the displacement of these satellites. This helps change the viewing direction to see the desired satellite. This calculation has been gradually upgraded to a relatively high level of accuracy so that users can use it with confidence.

Maximum zoom

Users can choose where they want to look and use the zoom feature. The launch capability is very high and users can see all satellites and stars on Earth. The maximum zoom is familiar to users when acquiring satellites around the earth and observing their changes.

Comet on the track

Another attraction of the application is its unique ability to track comets. This feature helps you see all nearby comets around the Earth and see how fast they are moving.Observations are the most realistic for identifying features of all types of comets. That’s the way.

Effective tips

The application includes notifications about the movement of satellites and stars. The application provides this notification feature that helps users see the movements most clearly. In addition, this notification helps users schedule monitoring times. Many types of notifications are available. B. Message notifications, ringtone notifications, etc.


  • ISS Detector Pro Screenshot
  • ISS Detector Pro Screenshot
  • ISS Detector Pro Screenshot
  • ISS Detector Pro Screenshot
  • ISS Detector Pro Screenshot
  • ISS Detector Pro Screenshot
  • ISS Detector Pro Screenshot
  • ISS Detector Pro Screenshot
  • ISS Detector Pro Screenshot
  • ISS Detector Pro Screenshot
  • ISS Detector Pro Screenshot
  • ISS Detector Pro Screenshot


ISS Detector Pro v2.05.17 Pro APK [Patched] / Mirror

ISS Detector Pro v2.05.16 Pro APK [Patched] / Mirror

ISS Detector Pro v2.05.13 Pro APK [Patched] / Mirror

What's new

Some fixes for tablets and foldables
Minor bug fixes


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