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Experience one of the best-designed painting, sketching, and drawing apps for tablets, phones, and Chromebooks. Used by millions, this award-winning app brings rich, powerful features to all artists, whether art is your hobby, passion or career.
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Mod Info:

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◉ Paid Subscription unlocked;
◉ Disabled / Removed unwanted Permissions + Receivers + Providers + Services;
◉ AOSP compatible (No Google);
◉ Kotlin invokations removed;
◉ Native crashlytics SDK removed;
◉ Optimised and Cleaned Resources;
◉ Manifest and APK root path cleaned;
◉ Google Play Store install package check disabled;
◉ Google Play Services signature check verified;
◉ Google Play Billing / Analytics removed;
◉ Debug code removed including .sources Tags;
◉ Original package signature changed.


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Imagine, create and experiment with the natural and artistic environments of Infinite Painter. This application provides various brushes for creating realistic environments.

Infinite Painter

Painting is an art form that is loved all over the world for its feel and dynamism. The art of painting, which has been known since ancient times, has been inherited little by little, creating countless new variations and styles that have entertained the viewers. Depending on each person’s artistic perception, there are pluses and minuses, and even that is enough to create an endless source of ideas for each person. If you want to explore the world from scratch, Infinite Painter is a good place to start. Developed and designed for a wide range of users. Professionals, amateurs and beginners all have the best drawing experience.

Intuitive, innovative and beautiful interface

Compared to other painting applications, Infinite Painter feels like a blank slate, with a gorgeous interface and flexible features. The homepage is the user’s dread, with features that help you access the main features of the application. The gallery interface neatly organizes all your content and adds many simple visual effects to make user interaction with your app more real and realistic. The main functions of the application are arranged in a small menu. Users will have access to tools, features, and many other compelling elements only found in the next generation artist application.

Infinite Painter apk

Imagine, visualize and draw what you want

Painters are people with impressive, almost limitless creative minds who can easily visualize and sketch whatever they want. was developed to meet the needs of all users. It is expensive compared to professional physical drawing tools and lacks the flexibility to work with a professional. can draw things The precision of the tool has also been improved, giving users a better viewing angle and making it easier to draw fine details with their fingers.

A powerful and versatile drawing tool

Artist drawing tools are expensive and require a lot of variation, but Infinite Painter has them all and comes with extensive user customization options. This allows you to easily customize everything from brush tips, effects, colors, intensity, and more. By simply customizing the tip, the application brings a variety and richness of interaction to the user, stimulating the user’s imagination to new levels with the options available. In addition to drawing tools, users can use other features to easily create objects, build skeletons, and use unique shapes to create perfect compositions. The flexibility you get from the application’s tool system is absolutely essential to show professionalism and ensure the most pleasant user experience.

Infinite Painter pro

Beautiful customized color selection

Color is an important factor in making paintings vivid and impressive, and in addition to color, tonal modifiers such as filters contribute greatly to the user. The application’s color scheme can be freely customized using code and automatically switches based on the user’s choice. What’s impressive is that the brush colors are automatically compatible with any painting style, giving users more options to create a unique painting style with colors. The user can use special filters from the application that can change the overall color of the painting.

A creative perspective for a complete experience

Drawings become more dynamic and engaging when users know how to apply visual perspective to all drawings. Most contemporary paintings always have a striking perspective, creating new sensations of wonder and bringing whole worlds to life within the painting.If the user is unable to create a personal perspective, Infinite Painter can Supports and provides perspective options. If the user makes good use of the viewing angle effect, his painting will be more vivid and impressive.

Infinite Painter mod

Personalize your drawing style

Each artist has their own painting style, which they always use continuously to bring their best work to their audience. This allows people to easily recognize the owner of the drawing thanks to the brushes used, her strokes and color style. The application introduces personalization of drawing tools when users want to create their own drawing style. It allows users to modify and customize her Infinite Painter for a more comfortable tooling her experience.

Infinite Painter’s versatility and professionalism are fresh and unique, far surpassing any other artist app on the market. If you want to show off your drawing skills or improve your drawing skills, Infinite Painter and its community should be visited and explored.


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  • Infinite Painter Screenshot


Infinite Painter v7.0.58 [Unlocked] / Mirror

Infinite Painter v7.0.36 APK [Unlocked] / Mirror

Infinite Painter v6.5.7 [Unlocked] / Mirror

What's new

- Fill tools (less artifacts at the boundaries)
- Color History strip logic (prioritizes recent colors)

- Project renaming sometimes reverting
- Saturation mask when using Filters



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