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Jump and fly your way through danger in this rhythm-based action platformer!
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Forget tedious strategy games! Brace yourself for an adrenaline-pumping thrill ride with Geometry Dash, the rhythm-based platformer that’s captivating gamers worldwide. This super-challenging yet insanely fun game will have you soaring through treacherous environments, jumping over spikes, and mastering the rhythm to reach the elusive finish line.

Where Rhythm Meets Action

If you’ve ever enjoyed blocky arcade games, Geometry Dash is a must-try. This dynamic platformer throws you into a vibrant world filled with engaging levels and electrifying gameplay. Your mission? Control a vibrant cube and navigate a gauntlet of spiky traps and perilous obstacles without meeting a pixelated demise. While the initial difficulty might sting, the addictive nature of the game kicks in soon enough, urging you to push your limits and conquer each level.

Flex Your Skills and Conquer Challenges

Mastering Geometry Dash is all about precision and adaptability. Guide your cube through treacherous landscapes, dodging spikes and hazards with ninja-like reflexes. The challenges progressively increase with each level, testing your rhythm and platforming skills to the max. This game is the foundation for RobTop Games’ success, paving the way for a series of exciting spin-offs. Flying and jumping are your core elements, and pushing your abilities to the limit as you zip past those spikes at breakneck speed is the ultimate thrill. Remember, while you can’t directly control the block’s speed, strategic use of speed-change gates can be your secret weapon.

Practice Makes Perfect

Don’t let the initial difficulty dampen your spirits! Geometry Dash comes equipped with a dedicated training mode, allowing you to hone your skills and become a platforming prodigy. Regular practice sessions not only enhance your level progression but also help you build character customization options. Choose your character, personalize its form and color, and create a one-of-a-kind avatar ready to tackle the infinite running levels. Beyond customization, practice sessions let you tackle challenging jumping missions on training tracks brimming with obstacles, preparing you for the real deal.

Secrets and Strategies

Reaching the end of each level may seem like the primary objective, but the real fun lies in uncovering hidden secrets. Geometry Dash boasts three vibrant secret doors waiting to be discovered. The first, “The Vault,” opens with 10 silver coins, offering valuable rewards in online play. Next, the “Wing of the Vault of Secrets” demands 50 diamonds, granting access to exclusive levels and challenges. Finally, the “Chamber of Time,” the ultimate secret door, requires a whopping 500 diamonds, unlocking hidden worlds and pushing your skills to the edge.

Level Up Your Game

Geometry Dash boasts 21 official levels, each offering a unique difficulty curve and rewarding gameplay. From beginner-friendly stages to brain-bending labyrinths, conquering each level will test your mettle and keep you coming back for more. Familiar items like Mana orbs fuel your gameplay by unlocking shop items, while Diamonds unlock hidden achievements and grant access to secret areas. Don’t forget about Shards of Power, the key to unlocking hidden fields and claiming secret islands.

A feast for the Senses

No game is complete without top-notch audio and visuals, and Geometry Dash delivers spectacularly. 9 unique soundtracks seamlessly blend with the rhythm of each level, creating an immersive and electrifying experience. Each move your cube makes becomes a part of the captivating melody, ensuring your auditory senses are as engaged as your visual ones. As for the visuals, the vibrant color palette shifts with each level, keeping you visually stimulated and energized throughout your journey.

So, are you ready to jump into the world of Geometry Dash? This rhythm-infused platformer promises an addictive blend of challenge, excitement, and secret-hunting goodness. Prepare to test your reflexes, unlock hidden worlds, and master the rhythm as you conquer treacherous levels and become a Geometry Dash legend!

What's new

Update 2.2 is here!

- New level "Dash"
- New game mode: Swing
- 4 new Platformer levels
- New collectable: Moons
- Over 700 new icons and 100 new achievements
- New Music and SFX Library
- Shader Effects
- Particle Editor
- Camera Controls
- Keyframe and Auto-Build system
- Over 80 other new triggers and editor improvements!
- Lots of new art, with over 1500 pixel blocks
- Lots of new animations
- Create lists of levels
- New shops, chests, shards, gauntlets, secrets...
and much more!




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