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FlexR Pro is THE #1 app for people who work in varying shifts, giving you all options you want in an app for keeping track of your work schedule!
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Shift Work Calendar (FlexR Pro)

The Shift Work Calendar, also known as FlexR Pro, is a versatile mobile application designed to cater to the unique scheduling needs of individuals engaged in shift-based work. This application is a powerful tool that aids in managing work schedules efficiently, ensuring that shift workers can plan their lives around their ever-changing work hours.

Key Features :

Customizable Schedules

FlexR Pro allows users to input their work shifts in a highly customizable manner. You can define the start and end times, shift names, and even color-code them for easy identification.

Recurring Shifts

The app simplifies the process of setting up recurring shifts. If you have a regular work schedule that repeats, you can program it to recur daily, weekly, or on a custom schedule.

Availability Planning

FlexR Pro also lets users mark their availability and unavailability for specific dates, making it easier to request time off or plan activities outside of work.

Overtime Tracking

For those who often work extra hours, the app provides overtime tracking, helping users keep a close eye on their additional earnings.

Multiple Workplaces

It caters to users with more than one job or workplace by allowing the management of multiple workplaces with distinct shift schedules.

Syncing and Backups

The application supports data syncing and provides the option to create backups, ensuring that your work schedule is safe and accessible across multiple devices.

Widgets and Notifications

Users can set up widgets on their home screens for quick access to their schedules, and the app can send notifications to remind users of upcoming shifts.

Statistics and Reports

FlexR Pro offers statistics and reports, which can be helpful for analyzing your work patterns and earnings over time.

User-Friendly Interface

With an intuitive and user-friendly interface, this application makes it easy for users to navigate and enter their shift information.

Security and Privacy

FlexR Pro prioritizes user security and privacy, ensuring that your personal data remains confidential.



The Shift Work Calendar (FlexR Pro) significantly streamlines shift scheduling and management, saving users time and reducing the risk of scheduling errors.

Improved Work-Life Balance

By giving users a clear view of their upcoming shifts and time off, the app helps improve work-life balance and allows for better personal planning.

Financial Control

The overtime tracking and earnings reports empower users to have better control over their financial aspects, enabling them to make more informed decisions.

Enhanced Communication

With the ability to share your schedule with friends or family, it aids in communication and planning with loved ones.


Shift Work Calendar (FlexR Pro) is a comprehensive scheduling app that caters specifically to shift workers, offering a multitude of features to simplify their work schedule management and improve their overall quality of life. It’s a versatile tool that provides flexibility and control in an often unpredictable work environment.


  • Shift Work Calendar - FlexR Screenshot
  • Shift Work Calendar - FlexR Screenshot
  • Shift Work Calendar - FlexR Screenshot
  • Shift Work Calendar - FlexR Screenshot
  • Shift Work Calendar - FlexR Screenshot
  • Shift Work Calendar - FlexR Screenshot
  • Shift Work Calendar - FlexR Screenshot
  • Shift Work Calendar - FlexR Screenshot


FlexR Pro (Shift planner) v7.15.13 APK [Patched] / Mirror

Older Version

FlexR Pro (Shift planner) v7.15 APK [Patched] / Mirror

FlexR Pro (Shift planner) v7.12.17 [Patched] / Mirror

What's new

+ DST correction
+ Attachment backup (Drive + local)
+ 3-week period type
+ Start month of year setting
+ Navigate button in calendar day popup
+ Timezone setting for external calendar sync
+ Movable (+) buttons (long press)
+ General update for new/nicer screen layouts
+ Improved External Calendar Sync performance
+ Improved External Calendar clean options
+ General Setting for Google Calendar color pallet (11 colors)


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