CPU X shows most complete information about devices like processor, cores, speed, model, RAM, camera, sensors etc. See most detailed specifications of other Android smartphones.
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CPU X will be a dedicated application for maximum support of popular Android smartphone devices. If you’re passionate about technology, this is a great forum to connect with people you know. This application provides the most complete and perfect way to get various information about all the components of your device.

Component Information

Advanced users of electronic equipment are often very interested in the components of their devices. However, when it comes to the professional requirements of dismantling the device, it is relatively difficult to be able to double-check. Through the extremely rigorous testing system that CPU X offers users, you can easily meet your requirements.From simple to complex, including processors, cores, speeds, models, RAM, cameras, sensors, and more. components are provided.

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In addition, the Internet will become an essential tool for the full functioning of today’s intelligent mobile devices. Thanks to the integration of the best measurement systems, the application promises to help you check the functionality of your device with great accuracy.The Internet-related parameters that the application can provide are the download and upload speeds, the status bar or directly in the notification.


One of the components that users are most interested in in smart mobile devices is the battery. All electronic devices need to store energy so that it can be used over a period of time via a battery. Therefore, a battery monitor built into the application helps the user to view the charge or discharge current in milliamperes and the temperature of the battery within the notification.


The application will be the place where all users can stay completely updated with the latest information about technology. The application is always ready to integrate articles that it can provide, so you don’t have to follow technical information on a regular basis. Journalists quickly update all the latest technology information via CPU X.


Are you looking for a large community of people with a special passion for technology? It will be a place to share. You are free to use this forum feature to post your personal questions about technology and allow other users to answer them discreetly.

Overall verifiability

It is generally possible to verify the correctness of the components incorporated into used smartphones and the damage they have suffered. All that’s left to do is use the application’s master check feature to run diagnostics on features from the simplest to the most advanced. Multi-touch, screen, speaker, ear speaker, mic, vibration, bluetooth, wifi, fingerprint, volume button, flashlight, you can use all the information you need and get data from infinite charging port.

Supports various useful tools

In addition, the program provides users with various functions that are very helpful in enhancing the usability of the application. The first addition is the Ruler feature, which uses the latest sensors to allow users to get precise measurements of real-world objects in both centimeters and inches. You may also have a compass and some signaling device to help you get help in an emergency.

Key Features

  • This application helps users to see in detail important information about the components in their device.
  • Provides users with a large community with forums to update and share technical information.
  • The total inspection feature allows users to figure out which component of their device is broken and fix it in time.
  • Internet usage and battery health tracking helps users get the most out of their devices.
  • It integrates various valuable tools for users to quickly use in different cases.


  • CPU X - Device & System info Screenshot
  • CPU X - Device & System info Screenshot
  • CPU X - Device & System info Screenshot
  • CPU X - Device & System info Screenshot
  • CPU X - Device & System info Screenshot
  • CPU X - Device & System info Screenshot
  • CPU X - Device & System info Screenshot
  • CPU X - Device & System info Screenshot
  • CPU X - Device & System info Screenshot
  • CPU X - Device & System info Screenshot
  • CPU X - Device & System info Screenshot

What's new

- Fixed crashes
- Performance improvements


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