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Calculator Pro - Scientific Equation Solver 2020

The Real Calc Pro – Scientific Calculator provides simple and advanced mathematical functions for day to day use.

Calculator Plus is also packed with different themes and designs for different moods. Calculator Plus’s design is inspired by a new design that was introduced with Android. Calculator Plus is a unique and very efficient calculator with advanced error handling. It is designed to handle errors intelligently.

The calculator’s functions include complex number calculations, graph analysis, matrix, graph, algebra, fraction and vector calculations, statistics, and 40 metric conversions. Its standard feature include like online calculator, maths calculator, online graphing calculator ti 84, algebra calculator, and fraction calculator with calu.

This all-in-one calculator app is the best utility that helps you to solve daily simple calculations and problems from complex calculations to unit and currency conversions, percentage, equations, areas, volumes, BMI, loan, tax, and so on. Calculator Plus is the only calculator you will ever need on your device.

RealCalc Plus is designed to look and work exactly like a real handheld calculator. It has all of the usual science functions plus fractions, degrees/minutes/seconds, history, memories, adjustable unit conversions and constants. You can select from a variety of types and formats to view. It also supports binary, octal, and hexadecimal processing and has an optional RPN mode. RealCalc Plus is simple to use, but it has all the support included in the app.

Feature :

Standard Calculator Mode
– Standard mode calculates all your standard mathematical issues including square root

Scientific Calculator Mode
– Scientific mode covers angles, logarithms, degrees and radiant equations to solve, it further has switch mode which allows the students to find exponential (inverse) functions making it easy for all the users to have their solutions for mathematical scientific equations.

Advanced calculator:
– Combines of the hyper calculator and simple scientific calc. This calculator is a multi-functional advanced calculator with all features in one app. Such as linear algebra, calculus, complex numbers, display result in rectangular and polar coordinates, matrix, and vector.

Mathematics formulas
– This app has 1000+ math formula and more to come.
– Now no need to make paper notes to remember mathematics formulas just have this app put all the formulas on your favourite phones.
– you’ll find formulas very simply explained in the app with necessary figures will help you to understand very easily.

Physics formulas
– The application is a physical handbook. Contains most physical formulas for students and users quickly refer to any Physics formulas for their study and work.This app displays most popular as well as advanced formulas in seven categories:
– Mechanics
– Electricity
– Thermal physics
– Periodic motion
– Optics
– Atomic physics
– Constants

Integral calculator plus provide a powerful calculator to calculate integrate derivative, differentiation, and integration.

– Available unit conversions include:
– Currency (US dollar, CDN dollar, pound, peso, etc)
– Temperature (celsius, Fahrenheit, kelvin, etc)
– Length (kilometer, miles, meter, yard, feet, etc)
– Fuel Consumption (miles per gallon, liters per 100km, etc)
– Digital Storage (bit, byte, megabytes, gigabytes, etc)
– Pressure (kilopascal, bar, PSI, etc)
– Power (watt, kilowatt, horsepower, etc)
– Energy (joule, calorie, BTU, etc)
– Time (year, month, day, hour, second, etc)
– Mass/Weight (kilogram, pound, ounce, ton, stone, etc)
– Speed (km/h, mph, knot, etc)
– Area (square kilometer, square mile, hectare, acre, etc)
– Cooking Volume (teaspoon, tablespoon, cup, pint, quart, ounce, etc)

What’s new:
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  • Calculator Pro - Scientific Equation Solver 2020 Screenshot
  • Calculator Pro - Scientific Equation Solver 2020 Screenshot
  • Calculator Pro - Scientific Equation Solver 2020 Screenshot
  • Calculator Pro - Scientific Equation Solver 2020 Screenshot


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