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Boost for reddit introduces versatile and great features to users, improve Reddit and bring many new possibilities for users and new experiences. In other words, the content of this application is perfect, mainly focused on helping people interact better, user-friendly interface and easy to follow each thread. Alignment is also included in the system to ensure everyone has access to tools that look their best.

Enhanced UI boost with great customization

Boost’s first boost for reddit is his UI changes to allow users to re-explore the original application compared to the default settings available. The biggest change is the layout that shows each post, thread, and interaction, allowing users to navigate more nimbly than usual. The app also comes with different themes for personalization, allowing users to choose from a wide range of theme colors and make Reddit more vibrant.

Organize your main news feed with great automatic filters

In addition to UI customization, message board filters are handy and useful companion content for users to save main space while browsing his Reddit wonders. Almost all posts are random, but the system suggests some popular posts in specific threads or sections related to where the user has been. Smart filters also come in handy when users want to see relevant content or discover new wonders with a few simple actions.

New map improvements with media preview for better layout

To save users time, almost every card in Reddit posts now shows media file previews. Boost on Reddit ensures that all previews work well and have the original sound and quality so you can stay interested when you want to read more comments from others. Of course, you can customize the preview content to keep your news feed away from dangerous or sensitive content before you dive into each thread to get your head around it.

Get a more compact layout design for your REDDIT

You will often see many other compact layouts in customization. This allows more content to be displayed on each thread instead of accessing it directly. You can also directly read comments, views, ratings and more on photos and threads. It is convenient and effectively saves mobile data. All layouts are considered native app boosts, making it easy for everyone to explore the endless awesomeness of his Reddit.

A customizable widget to read Reddit easily anytime

Widgets are a unique extension provided by Boost for reddit that allow you to conveniently access Reddit anytime, anywhere while multitasking at the same time. Widgets are immediately displayed in a minimized window, with limited information and interaction, but enough to enjoy all the engaging content. Widget customization is important to give users access to more information instead of using unnecessary stuff and saving as much space as possible.

Comment navigation for quick topic reading

Booster also includes a comment filter and other navigation that allows users to read content from previously selected destinations. The system automatically makes this selection based on irrelevant comments and deletes them even if they are replies to previous minor comments. Of course, the system automatically marks certain characters with compatible colors, so users can easily identify comments in large amounts of text.

Boost for reddit is one of the utilities that users must have if they often discover interesting or cursed things from Reddit. Almost all of the customizations that come with it are versatile and useful, ensuring that their personal user experience remains smooth and stable while enjoying all the exclusivity that exists only in this excellent booster.


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Boost for reddit Premium v1.12.12 / Mirror

Boost for reddit Premium v1.12.11 / Mirror

Boost for reddit Premium v1.12.6 / Mirror

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