Battery Fast Charge – Saver is a batterysaving app that can extend your battery life up to 50% by findingapps and settings that drain power on your device

This app is the most efficient and professional Android powerbooster. Battery Fast charge – Saver helps user to save batterylife just in a single Tap whenever it starts trickle. This smartbattery optimizer gives your phone the ability to enable settingsfor killing background running apps while functioning as MemoryCleaner, Ram Booster, and Task Killer for a better batteryperformance. You can save battery life up to 2x – 4x more to boostyour phone get along a lot more faster.


Fast Charging
Battery Fast Charge regulates the manner in which your device ischarged with a Unique 3 Stage Charging system to ensure you get themost out of your battery and reminds you not to over charge. Italso has features that can monitor and regulate powerconsumption.


Battery saver
Battery saver is more than a power optimizer app, which does notneed online connectivity to perform tasks. Works best on even nonroot Android phones. So just leave the idea to replace yourinstalled battery to get extra charging. Go extend battery lifewith deep sleep mode when your phone is not in use.

Monitor: Track your phone remaining charging time while managingessential tasks as a smart optimizer. Monitor App Consumption – Seewhich system application i.e Bluetooth, Wifi or data GPRS consumesthe more battery power while power optimizer commends you powermanagement solution.

Key Features
✔ Accurately show battery status and remaining time.
✔ Accurately show charging remaining time.
✔ Smart battery consumption optimization with just One-Tap.
✔ One tap optimizer with active task killer battery widget to savefor optimal power consumption
✔ Adaptive power saving mode with options for custom or smartpre-set battery saving modes
✔ Identifies and disables background running, battery hoggingapps
✔ Pre-set saving modes: normal / save / Extra Save
✔ Customize power saving options according to preference: Wifi,Bluetooth, 3G / 4G Mobile Data, Location Services, GPS,Brightness.
✔ Auto task killer on screen OFF
✔ Intelligent brightness control
✔ Efficient monitoring of power usage
✔ Displays details: battery temperature, battery voltage, batteryhealth
✔ Simple and Minimalistic interface for effective powermanagement
✔ Kills unnecessary tasks with extremely simple one-tap Optimizebutton to save more.
✔ Easy battery saving and effective small size package withextensive features
✔ Continuous and timely updates


  • Power Doctor - Saver Pro Screenshot
  • Power Doctor - Saver Pro Screenshot
  • Power Doctor - Saver Pro Screenshot
  • Power Doctor - Saver Pro Screenshot
  • Power Doctor - Saver Pro Screenshot
  • Power Doctor - Saver Pro Screenshot
  • Power Doctor - Saver Pro Screenshot
  • Power Doctor - Saver Pro Screenshot


Battery Doctor – Saver Pro v2.1.02 / Alternative Link