With Aux-Direct and Aux-Direct Pro it is possible to play music from Spotify, Deezer, TuneIn and some more Musicplayer, directly with the plug-in of the jack plug-in. Which music do you want to play? You can select your favorite music in the app directly. No annoying unlock and select your music is needed.
After a one-time login (Spotify), the feature will be activated in the background, until it is activated by inserting the jack plug and the music playback will start automatically.

Unfortunately only for premium customers of Spotify and Deezer usable!

AuxDirect Pro does not have any advertisements against the free version, and by purchasing it, the developer is extremely supportive.


  • bug fixes


  • Aux-Direkt Pro Screenshot
  • Aux-Direkt Pro Screenshot

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Aux-Direct Pro v0.98.01 APK / Alternative Link