Athletica is an OpenSource WatchFace designed forsimplicity,efficiency and minimal batteryconsumption…
Can easily with a tap switch and monitor most of theavailablesensors on your watch.
Create a custom digital dashboard with just the informationyouneed.

Main Features:

– Black and White – An elegant style using iconspoweredby Font Awesome
– Black on white – Invert the colors and get a new feelonyour watch
– Time – Choose between Am/Pm or 24h display
– Date – Choose names for days and months orjustnumbers
– Sunrise and Sunset times – If there is a locationsunriseand sunset times are displayed
– Daily Steps – Choose to see your daily steps
– Realtime Sensor Data – See realtime data from thesupportedsensors
– Battery Level Indicator – Icon and percentage
– Interlacing – Enable interlacing for enhancedbatterysavings and Burn in Protection

Additional Features

– Tap and Switch Sensor – With a simple tap on screenyoucan switch to the next available sensor
– Average Sensor Data – Every 10 minutes get an average of10samples for the visible sensor (no battery cost almost), getthesteps etc.
– Heart Rate Alarm – Vibration alert for HRabove180bpm
– Low Battery Consumption – Does nothing when inactive orinambient. Unregisters all actions when not visible!
– Ambient Mode Savings – When in ambient there isnoantilaiasing and only the essential info is shown
– Burn in Protection – Never worry for stuck or burnedpixelswhen Athletica uses advanced techniques to handle that
– Interlaced – Old times effect and battery saver
– Day to Night mode – When it’s night the colors youhavechosen for day will automatically Invert

Supported Sensors

– HeartRate – Your HR at realtime(requirespermission)
– Pressure – Pressure in hPa
– Pressure Altitude – Altitude in meters from pressure
– Temperature – The temperature in Celsius
– Light – The current light intensity in lux
– Magnetic Field – The magnetic field in uT
– Relative Humidity – The relative humidityinpercentage
– Accelerometer – The acceleration for x-axis, y-axis,z-axisin m/s^2
– Google Fit Steps – How many step according toGoogleFit.

Tested Devices (all should be supported)
– Motorola Moto 360
– Motorola Moto 360 v2 2015
– Motorola Moto 360 Sport
– Sony Smartwatch 2
– Sony Smartwatch 3
– Huawei Watch
– Asus Zenwatch
– LG G Watch
– LG G Watch R
– LG Watch Urbane
– TAG Heuer Connected
– CASIO Watch WSD-F10


  • Athletica WatchFace Pro Screenshot
  • Athletica WatchFace Pro Screenshot
  • Athletica WatchFace Pro Screenshot


Athletica WatchFace Pro v3.3.4 / Alternative Link