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Apex Launcher is an application that allows you to make detailed changes to your device’s interface to optimize its use. Fully customize some parameters related to home screen and related items. At the same time, you can also back up some apps with just a few taps and easily change the theme of your device. We also use various icon packs provided by third-party developers.

Easily customize the look of your device

Apex Launcher helps users change frequently used on-screen items so that users can find valuable functionality in abundance. In particular, you can easily adjust the size of icons, rows, columns, borders and many other elements. You can also tweak the search bar and install more widget-related stuff. So you can deliver exactly the experience that fits your needs.

Use effects to change the user experience

One of the features you’ll notice when using the Apex Launcher is that you can swipe the screen to switch to another element and finally find the effect. This makes for a more novel experience as you customize it yourself over time. In particular, it has a list with many types of effects to choose from. Once selected, changes will appear immediately after swiping the screen.

Optimized use with finger gestures

Many will love his Apex Launcher point about setting on-screen actions to match how you swipe and how many fingers you swipe. The application provides a set of operations that can be performed, but of course they are empty. Tap it and you’ll see a list of different actions. Read and select the action that corresponds to each hand gesture. So get used to it and use these operations more often.

Safe apps made easy

Besides changing his UI on the device, there is also the ability to hide some applications in the Apex Launcher. It is convenient if you register the application you want to register as a favorite. At the same time, it disappears until you remove it from the list. There are two types of apps that users can apply this feature to. B. Private apps and apps you don’t use often and don’t want to see.

Easily change the theme of your device

Giving your device a whole new interface, the theme changing feature is no longer a new feature of the launcher. Especially if you are not interested in the application after applying the launcher, you can find different themes to apply to your device. From there you will find a new interface to use. Of course, it is subject to change at any time according to user requests.

Use impressive icon packs

A feature that comes with the launcher that cannot be ignored is the application of icon packs. Icon packs are usually downloaded from sources like Google Play and all have different designs. Also, these packages cannot be applied directly to the device and must go through each supported launcher. Since this is a very popular and widely used app, the range of supported icon packs is huge.


  1. Uninstall previous version of Apex Launcher and Apex Notifier plugin;
  2. Install Apex Launcher and the Apex Notifier plugin from my package (not from Google Play);
  3. Enjoy!


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