Antivirus Pro 2017 by Max Security is proud to bring you the best antivirus protection available! Download the expert cyber security solution that provides the very best virus detection!

Trusted by over 15 Million people, Antivirus PRO 2017 is the ultimate shield for your devices! Antivirus PRO 2017 prevents the spread of viruses and malware that infect your Android devices by detecting them before they spread!
Get the pro antivirus download that beats all other security apps with proprietary real time protection scanning!
Why does Antivirus PRO 2017 stand out among the rest?
★There’s nothing else like it – More than just a virus scan, Antivirus PRO 2017 has the only proprietary real time protection scanning engine that scans both apps and files for viruses, junk(cache) files and malware as you install them!
★It’s the most effective antivirus mobile App – Antivirus PRO 2017 is one of the only security applications that breaks apart and scans files and looks inside compressed zip files even as they are created or changed on your device’s storage.
★Simple and elegant design – Are other antivirus apps too clunky? Max Security has put their best efforts forward to ensure that Antivirus PRO 2017 delivers powerful scanning with a super simple user interface.
★Best security app by far – No need to worry about the apps you download. Antivirus PRO 2017 makes sure your device is free from malware, adware, spyware, unseen vulnerabilities and Trojans!
Antivirus PRO 2017 Features
► State of the art scanning engine
Built for Android by a team of security experts with over 20 years in the security field! Automatically ensure your applications security with our #1 antivirus.
► Real time protection
Real time mobile protection scans installed apps, files and zip files in real time ensuring your applications security.
► Deep scan
All-in-one premier protection breaks apart your apps to scan the entire contents for deeply embedded viruses, malware and adware vulnerabilities.
► Memory Card Scan
Scans the files and zip files on your SD card and internal memory for viruses and malware that can cause havoc to all of your devices.
► Beautiful, simple interface
Antivirus PRO 2017 features an easy to use interface with an elegant, familiar design that makes protecting your device effortless.
► Zip File Scanning
Breaks apart the zip file on your device to look for threats deeply embedded within.
► Voice notifications
Customizable voice notifications let you know immediately when threats are found ensuring your protection 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!.
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What’s New
– Version 3.0!
– Complete Redesign!
– Faster, better scanning!
– Supports Android 7.0


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