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Be part of the movement! Alight Motion is the first professional motion design app bringing you professional-quality animation, motion graphics, visual effects, video editing, video compositing, and more!
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Alight Motion uses cutting-edge AI technology throughout the system to help users create the most vivid and vibrant photos and videos. The real power of this application is to provide users with all the features and tools they need to create motion for any video. This is very different from traditional video design and at the same time requires a lot of basic knowledge and perfect application control to create the most memorable videos.

Ultimate movement creation function

Alight Motion provides users with a wide range of tools necessary for graphic design. Mainly motion design for all things different great styles. The process is complicated, but the beauty of the app promises users the possibility and opportunity to bring any video to life. It also comes with a dedicated motion creation tool, allowing users to change orientation and design motions freely using the touch screen.

Also, the user can use many built-in features to move the environment or atmosphere of the environment, all of which make different adjustments. Getting things moving is considered the main function of the application. Besides the main content, there are also many special uses that can be applied to any video. Of course, the included resources and templates offer many things that you can use effectively in your work.

Variable tools for fast processing and more

This application provides the features you need to animate any video and introduces a set of dedicated video editing tools for all types of video formats. This allows users to easily enhance or remove many unwanted things in their videos, such as special effects. Additionally, each tool has extensive customization options that extend your working capabilities to new heights.

Nearly every tool in the app is AI-driven and great for improving productivity, including improving accuracy in many areas. Above all, many things require precise tools and applications can offer more variations for users to be more creative. Some functions are still limited, but there are many that expand the possibilities and working capabilities of everyone.

Tons of effects and filters

Alight Motion provides users with many special effects and filters to make your videos more beautiful and attractive, all free to use directly. Each piece of content has its own style and the application automatically recommends the best choices if the user wants to go further with the video design. Each one is freely editable and has many impressive video quality enhancement features.

Breathe life into objects and more

Alight Motion introduces more systems and key resources to bring everything to life. In addition to this, there are vivid transition effects that allow you to create masterpieces from many fun and novel ideas, such as modifying the original work. In addition, everything can be changed at will, making it the perfect development for users to enjoy everything to the fullest.

Alight Motion is a great versatile application that helps users create high quality videos with animations and many other effects. It also brings many surprises as the user progresses and works for a long time. This is the perfect opportunity to get the most out of everything.


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