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With over 3400 precalculated optimizations for headphone models and many options for customizability, Wavelet is a great addition to any mobile audio setup.
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Music enthusiasts and audiophiles know that a great pair of headphones is only half the equation; the true magic lies in fine-tuning the sound signature to your preferences. That’s where Wavelet EQ comes in, a remarkably powerful mobile application that turns your everyday headphones or earbuds into a personalized audio haven.

Harnessing Cutting-Edge Audio Technology

Wavelet is not just another equalizer app. It delves deeper into the realm of audio science, delivering a suite of transformative features:

  • Headphone-Specific Optimizations: At its heart, Wavelet boasts over 3400 pre-calculated equalization profiles tailored to a myriad of popular headphone models. This intelligent database ensures that you get the very best out of your gear, regardless of brand or price.
  • AutoEq: The Magic of Automation: Wavelet takes customization a step further. Its AutoEq feature intelligently measures the frequency response of your headphones and applies a custom compensation curve to align them with the Harman target response – a scientifically derived curve considered the gold standard for neutral, balanced audio reproduction.
  • Creative Control at Your Fingertips: Traditional music equalizers are powerful, and Wavelet doesn’t disappoint. It offers a precise 9-band graphic equalizer to tweak frequencies and address any shortcomings or emphasize your favorite sonic qualities.

More than Just Equalization

Wavelet EQ ventures beyond basic EQ adjustments, providing tools that transform your listening experience:

  • Immersive Simulations: The app’s ‘Reverberation’ feature is a revelation. It simulates the acoustic spaces of concert halls, studios, or even the vastness of a cathedral, adding a new layer of realism and atmosphere to your music.
  • Virtualization: Expand your soundstage with virtual spatialization effects. Wavelet can make your music feel like it’s surrounding you, perfect for movies and games.
  • Precision Bass Tuning: Add that extra ‘thump’ to your favorite beats or tame unruly low-end frequencies with the dedicated ‘Bass tuner’ feature.
  • Smarter Noise Reduction: Sometimes the best listening is about what you don’t hear. Wavelet helps minimize unwanted background noise with its ‘Limiter’ function, preserving the clarity of your music.
  • Balance Restoration: Wavelet aids in restoring the left/right balance of your audio signal. This is especially handy if you notice discrepancies in volume between your ears.

User-Friendly and Powerful

Wavelet’s effectiveness is matched by its intuitive design. Even with its advanced features, the app remains approachable for beginners yet robust enough for experienced audio tweakers. Its ability to import and export customization profiles ensures your settings are safe and readily accessible.

The Wavelet Advantage

If you’re passionate about your audio experience and demand control over every nuance, Wavelet EQ is an invaluable tool. Unlock the hidden potential within your headphones and rediscover your music collection with fresh ears.

What's new

- Update AutoEq database
- Add new limiter automatic post-gain option
- Bug fixes and performance improvements


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