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In the gloomy world of the distant future, the freedom and will of man is suppressed by the all-powerful Big Brother – a totalitarian regime that watches your every move. But you're not going to be a submissive slave of the system, are you? Time to run!
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An arcade-style game inspired by the legendary sport of Parkour – Vector Full. It opens up new perspectives just for you. It’s a dictatorial world and you’re trapped by the forces of evil. But the desire for freedom is what drives you to break free from these shackles. The game’s story simulates the most realistic and dramatic process of finding your true ideal in life.

What’s so interesting about parkour?

Parkour is understood as a sport that includes rock climbing and climbing action, and can escape certain restrictions for those who don’t know. Players must be flexible with every gesture and decisive with every move. On the way to the hurdles, the player will face a myriad of challenges, from obstacles to people in the way. This makes them more professional in their ability to adapt and deal with situations. The peculiarity of this healthy sport is that everything should be beautiful.

Why Vector Full is Amazing?

This place is the ideal setting for parkour lovers. Because the game features are completely inspired by it. So if you want to show off your cool skills like acrobatics, this is your top choice. The strange uniqueness of the gameplay soon attracted many players, especially young people, to participate and practice actively.

Prepare for the battle of the century

Don’t be left behind by all that is happening around us! Prepare your heart of steel and your sturdy body and join the battle now! There are 3 types of battle modes in total. Find cool stuff in over 40 ever-growing levels. Step by step, step by step, from easy to difficult, you will find your way out of a hellish place where only light can be seen from afar and dreams cannot reach.

What drives an expert to discover? The most demanding players should fall in love with the intuitive control system. The system is designed to simulate a rigid sport on the outside and be very flexible on the inside. Seeing every move come to life makes me gasp. To achieve this level of sophistication, Vector Full uses the famous Cascadeur animation toolkit.

A superior terrarium is waiting to be discovered

It is famous not only for its unique playstyle, but also for its complex terrain. Everything looks engaging from the first moment. There are dungeons, towering peaks that exist even inside a very mysterious square box. The power of freedom is what drives you to overcome the tunnels and paths to escape the evil attacker Big Brother.

Never stop striving for your dreams

Due to the rugged terrain, it is inevitable that you will have to cross many roads and places in short distances. Don’t be too surprised if this happens. But not everyone is born with the ability to do so. You need to keep practicing and keep learning from your online friends around the world. They are your friends and your enemies.

The Leader of the Strong Team

In Vector Full, you can’t fight alone. If you are already convinced by the experience gained, you can join the 3-man army. Your job is to control and guide them to achieve the ultimate goal together. But being a leader is not as easy as you might think. In addition to your own skills, team coordination is more important. This will keep your group running smoothly. From there, everyone will work together to overcome challenging terrain and bring back lots of clues and loot for the next level.

Whirly Questions

Coming to this magical world trains not only the body but also the mind. As you go around the hurdles at the climax, you will come across some tricky puzzles. It’s hard because most of the knowledge is so macroscopic and impractical. Not only that, but the time limit is very short. Honestly, this is a child prodigy game. Do you want to become the best child prodigy in the world, challenge with us!

If you need to clear your head or are looking for a slightly different game to pass your free time, Vector Full certainly won’t disappoint. The strange and beautiful vectors of various designs draw you into the world of direction and magnitude they create. Their way of working is also very impressive and mysterious. The images are very complex and vivid, peppered with heart-pounding sounds as you cross hurdles.


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  • Vector: Parkour Run Screenshot

What's new

This update contains:
* Optimization of levels 1-1;1-2
* Added Chinese Simplified and Traditional languages
* Fixed bugs related to Xsolla
* Fixed localization errors

Stay tuned for future updates!



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