TwTools – Tools for Twitter PRO v6.3.1 [Latest]

Control what happens on your Twitter accounts with TwTools!

TwTools has the following functions:

Recent unfollows
Find out who stops following you on Twitter anytime. Also, you’ll get a notification everyday at 9am warning you about your recent unfollows. As simple as that! It also keeps a record of all unfollows you had by day.

Who’s not following me?
See which followings are not following you back on Twitter and unfollow them if you want.

Inactive users
Why would you want to follow someone that is not using Twitter anymore? Check which users you’re following that haven’t tweeted in the last days. You can select the inactivity period: from 5 to 100 days.

Both in “Who’s not following me” and “inactive users” you can stop following users by pressing their names. A new popup window with more info about them will appear.

Map of followings and followers
Find out where in the world are your followings and your followers.

Get curious facts about your account, and, if you’re being monitorized by (it’s quite possible you are without knowing) get graphs and follower predictions for the next day and month!

Follow checker
Find out if an user is following another one by just entering their names.

Download videos
Did you see a nice video uploaded to Twitter and you want to save it? Now you can: just share the tweet with TwTools and you’ll be able to download the video just by tapping on a button!
You can hide the ads and turn on the multi-account support with the application TwTools Unlock Key:

TwTools is an application that needs a Twitter account to work. You’ll have to sign in with your username and password in a completely secure way to access to all the functionality. We recommend you to stay connected to a WiFi spot, specially if your followings or followings list is huge. That way the app will be faster.

We’re not affiliated with Twitter or TwitterCounter.

What’s New

  •  New section: Tweets around.
  •  The sync period has stopped being a PRO feature, now you can set a period of just 1 hour.


The app was not found in the store. 🙁

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  TwTools – Tools for Twitter PRO v6.3.1 APK / Alternative Link

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