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Features only on TVZion

TVZion home
The TVZion home featuring fully user customizable collection of sections (genres, years, New in HD etc) each of which scrolls endlessly and expands to a full screen list when clicked, gives you everything you need at your fingertips.

Seamless Trakt – Trending sections, lists
Zion seamlessly integrates with to help you pick up where you left.
You can access your personal Trakt collection, watch list, history, lists, liked lists through Zion’s Trakt browser.

Cached torrent streaming
Now stream HQ content off torrents directly with your Real Debrid and Premiumize subscriptions.

Made for Android TV
Don’t you just hate it when you’re browing your TV and it feels like you are still on your phone at work? Well, no more, TVZion is 100% optimized and built for Android TV, checkout the screenshots above yourself.

AutoPlay & AutoNext
Autoplay: TVZion will auto play the highest quality link (as configured) automatically for you.
AutoNext: TVZion will auto play the next episode automatically for you even when using an external player.

Custom link filtering/sorting
Sort/filter links by bitrate, resolution, ping time, filesize, quality with TVZion to play the perfect link, every time, automatically.

Advanced meta data detection
Now TVZion will report EXACT resolution/bitrate to help you choose best link. Enough of guessing video quality with file size.

What’s New:

  • [Added] Run as high priority (Settings > App > Run as high) to ensure app does not die during playbacks causing “App died due to low ram” error.
  • [Added] Option to not remove from history when (-) watching is clicked. Note that Trakt watched items are automatically re-added on start up or when item page is viewed.
  • [Added] Debrid service priority. Prioritize your debrid services one over another when multiple debrid services are enabled. Settings > Accounts > RD/PM > Debrid service priority.
  • [Added] Full (Hosters + Cached torrents) AllDebrid ( integration.
  • [BugFix] Newly imported trakt items weren’t hiding itself when hide caught up enabled.
  • [BugFix] Trakt my list was showing duplicate up next sections.
  • [BugFix] Duplicate episodes were appearing on MAL browser.
  • [BugFix] Browsers will no longer appear on search page browser list of disabled.
  • [BugFix] Leaving category name blank during home widget adding is not allowed now.
  • [BugFix] Hebrew subtitles was not appearing.
  • [Optimized] Trakt settings page.
  • [Added] New useragents.
  • [Optimized] Trakt “Watching” button hold action list loading time.
  • [Optimized] Start up time. Specially for Trakt/MAL users as those accounts are initialized at start up.
  • [Optimized] Improved season pack episode name detection.
  • [Optimized] [RD] Improved season pack episode extraction.
  • [Optimized] Debrid service integration. New debrid services integration will be much easier now.
  • [Reset] Some settings in Settings > Accounts > Debrid services > Account has been reset to new default values for better naming and might need user intervention if changed previously.

● ZionClub Membership/Features Unlocked
● Banner Placeholders Removed
● Update Check Disabled



TVZion v3.8 [Mod Unlocked] / Mirror / Mirror / Mirror

TVZion v3.7.1 [Unlocked] / Mirror / Mirror / Mirror

TVZion v3.2.2 Final [Mod Unlocked] / Mirror / Mirror