* This is the paid version which has all the same features as the free version except this version is ad free and does not require the internet permission
Can’t wake up? Are you turning off your alarm before you’re fully awake?
The Tilt Alarm is the perfect alarm clock for anyone that struggles to wake up in the morning. “It’s almost like having someone right there to wake you up”.
Our goal was to make “snoozing” easier than pulling the battery or force closing the alarm while still making sure the user wakes up. This goal led us to completely re-thinking the concept of snoozing. The current method of snoozing leads to lost time and grogginess in the morning. What we really want in the morning is the music off, and the reassurance that we’ll make it out of bed in time.
So how did we accomplish this?
When the alarm rings, the user has to tilt their phone almost perfectly vertical for a set amount of time (Tilt Time). The volume will fade as the phone is tilted and once the Tilt Time has been reached the alarm will end. If the user starts falling back to sleep, their hand will fall causing the Tilt Time to reset and the volume to increase.
We suggest starting with the default Tilt Time of 30 seconds if you’re able to get a full nights sleep. If you’ve been up all night working or studying we suggest a longer tilt time such as 45 or even 60 seconds.
If you have a question or issue please let us know at thetiltalarm@gmail.com
What’s New
1.1.3: Bug fixes
1.1.2: “Debounced” accelerometer to prevent false Tilt Time resets
1.1.1: Added the alarm time into the notification


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