2.8.1 is a top-down action RPG in which you must defeat over 1000 zombies. Choose from different skills, develop your talents and defeat your enemies! Set in a devastated world infested with zombies, challenge the stage with more than 1000 enemies appearing on one screen while building characters and constantly strengthening in the stage.
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If you crave nail-biting survival thrillers with a dash of zombie-slaying action, prepare to be hooked by This top-down shooter isn’t for the faint of heart; it throws you into a post-apocalyptic wasteland teeming with hungry undead and desperate scavengers. With only your wits and a rusty pistol, you must scavenge resources, build a haven, and fight your way back to civilization.

A World Gone Mad

In, the world you once knew is a distant memory. Cities crumble, overrun by hordes of flesh-hungry zombies. Survivors band together in makeshift camps, constantly on the edge of collapse. Every step you take is fraught with danger, whether it’s a lurking zombie or a rival group looking to steal your precious supplies.

Build Your Shelter, Secure Your Future

Survival hinges on a secure base. In, gathering resources like wood, stone, and scrap metal is your first priority. Use these materials to craft walls, traps, and essential structures like workbenches and storage. Your base isn’t just a refuge; it’s your workshop, your laboratory, and your launching pad for exploration.

Craft Your Way to Victory doesn’t hand you weapons and armor on a silver platter. You must craft them yourself, painstakingly combining salvaged materials to forge formidable tools for survival. From makeshift clubs and shotguns to high-tech rifles and grenades, your arsenal is a testament to your resourcefulness and cunning.

Evolve or Extinct

As you explore the ravaged landscape, you’ll encounter not just zombies but also mutated abominations and rival survivors. Each encounter demands quick thinking and strategic combat. Learn to exploit enemy weaknesses, utilize the environment to your advantage, and upgrade your skills to become a true survivor.

Beyond the Horde isn’t just about grinding through endless waves of zombies. The game offers a compelling narrative through diaries and radio transmissions, hinting at a deeper mystery behind the apocalypse. You’ll uncover secrets, make tough choices, and maybe even find allies as you strive to unravel the truth.

A Feast for the Senses immerses you in its gritty world with atmospheric visuals and haunting sound design. The constant threat of the undead never feels distant, thanks to the eerie moans and the clatter of approaching hordes. Every sunrise feels like a small victory, and every successful raid a cause for celebration.

What's new

- Added Chapters 151-160 and their respective Challenge chapters!
- Added 3rd Edition Collectible Chest! More amazing Collectibles about to hit the shelves!
- Added bosses in some stages
- Added Clan Shop
- Clan Expedition facelift: Optimized group method and more enticing rewards
- Added Rampant Forest Treasure and other exciting events
- Other bug fixes and framerate optimization and adaptation



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