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A full featured weather app with a set of weather & clock widgets.
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Sense Flip Clock & Weather is a popular mobile application that offers a comprehensive and visually appealing solution for users to access time, weather, and other relevant information. This application combines the functionality of a flip clock with detailed weather forecasts to provide users with an intuitive and informative experience.

Sense Flip Clock & Weather

Flip Clock Display

The application’s main feature is the flip clock display, which emulates the classic flip clocks commonly found in older electronic devices. The flip clock design adds a touch of nostalgia while remaining modern and aesthetically pleasing.

Weather Information

Sense Flip Clock & Weather integrates real-time weather data to keep users informed about current weather conditions, temperature, humidity, wind speed, and forecasts for the upcoming days. This information is usually presented in a clear and concise format, making it easy for users to plan their day accordingly.

Sense Flip Clock & Weather Apk

Location-Based Forecast

The app utilizes the device’s location services to provide accurate weather forecasts tailored to the user’s specific location. This feature ensures that users receive hyper-localized weather information, enhancing the app’s practicality and usefulness.

Customizable Themes

Users have the option to personalize their experience by choosing from a variety of visually appealing themes. This allows users to match the app’s appearance with their preferences and device’s interface.

Sense Flip Clock & Weather Pro

Additional Information

Apart from the flip clock and weather display, the app may include additional information such as date, day of the week, and even extended weather forecasts for the upcoming week. Some versions of the app might also offer extras like sunrise and sunset times, moon phases, and weather-related tips.

User-Friendly Interface

Sense Flip Clock & Weather typically boasts a user-friendly and intuitive interface, making it accessible for users of all ages and tech proficiency levels. The flip clock’s straightforward design combined with easy-to-read weather information ensures a seamless user experience.

Notifications and Alerts

The app may offer customizable notifications and weather alerts, keeping users informed about severe weather conditions, temperature changes, or other relevant updates.


Sense Flip Clock & Weather is a feature-rich application that seamlessly combines the classic charm of flip clocks with up-to-date weather forecasts. With its customizable themes, accurate location-based information, and user-friendly interface, the app has become a favorite choice for users seeking a reliable and visually appealing time and weather application for their mobile devices.


  • Sense flip clock & weather Pro Screenshot
  • Sense flip clock & weather Pro Screenshot
  • Sense flip clock & weather Pro Screenshot
  • Sense flip clock & weather Pro Screenshot
  • Sense flip clock & weather Pro Screenshot
  • Sense flip clock & weather Pro Screenshot
  • Sense flip clock & weather Pro Screenshot
  • Sense flip clock & weather Pro Screenshot


Sense Flip Clock & Weather (Ad-free) v6.54.1 APK [Premium] / Mirror

Sense Flip Clock & Weather (Ad-free) v6.50.0 APK [Premium] / Mirror

Sense Flip Clock & Weather (Ad-free) v6.40.0 [Premium] / Mirror

What's new

Version 6.34.2
- New animated weather backgrounds (Landscapes, Island)
- Bug fixes

Version 6.34.1
- Fixed sound issue in animated backgrounds
- Bug fixes and optimizations

Version 6.34.0
- New! Activity notifications
- Important bug fixes and optimizations

Version 6.33.1
- NWS and live wallpaper fixes
- Minor bug fixes and major optimizations


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