Screen Share
Screen Share Premium
Screen Share application does exactly what it says. You can share your Android device screen and your microfon voice to multiple another devices over wifi network or over internet.In order to share your screen, you must have minimum Android version 5.0 device (4.3 for joining). Inside the app, you will see, if your device is supported or not. You can share your device screen over a local wifi network (joining devices have to bein same network) or over the internet. When sharing over the internet, you have to link your Dropbox account (or create one), because video and audio data is sent by using your Dropbox accountas the content server.
You don’t have to worry about your other Dropbox files, this app will create a new folder where it stores recorded video and audio files. Those files will be deleted later to free the space that app took temporarily. Your other personal files will be safe, this app will not touch them.
NB! You will get only limited use of screen share over internet with the free version.To join screen share, select wifi or internet option from the main menu. Then your going to see a list of available screensharing sessions. Select the one your friend or collegue created and wait for the host to start the session.

There are many settings you can configure when you are a screenshare host.

Following features are available:
1) Set sound on/off
2) Show your camera face (small box that displays what your device front camera sees)
3) Record you share session
4) Set custom logo/text
5) Set video resolution, frame rate, bit rate, max session length,start delay etc.

Premium version is also available. If you buy subscription, you will also get:
1) Ad-free version
2) Unlimited use of internet share

What’s New
*Major background logic rewrite. Now app should also work for many people who had problems previously (freeze/joiners stuck on waiting state).
*Also added privacy policy.
*Couple smaller fixes

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