Retro Garage MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Become a car mechanic and repair retro cars of the USSR! Look for damaged parts, order new ones, or try to fix it yourself.
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Retro Garage is a car mechanic game that offers players a unique experience of exploring and repairing old cars manually. By playing this game, you will improve your skills in repairing cars and eventually transform into an expert car mechanic. Players are required to identify the issue with the old car and conduct independent research in order to make necessary repairs. In order to excel as a skilled car mechanic, it is important to be adaptable and resourceful in locating the source of the problem and determining the best course of action to repair it. Being able to quickly diagnose issues and come up with effective solutions is key to success in the field of automotive repair.

Experience the vibrant hues of colorful vehicles

When you visit Retro Garage – Car Mechanic, you’ll have the opportunity to see a variety of colorful cars from well-known automakers. The cars have a distinctive design that is visually appealing and incorporates elements of antiquity, yet their engines are equipped with the latest modern technology. In this setting, players will primarily encounter vintage Soviet vehicles from previous eras, which can evoke a thrill of excitement when they acquire and restore these highly uncommon antique cars.

Retro Garage - Car Mechanic

To repair and improve the car’s engine

In this game, the player has to locate the broken components within the cars and proceed to fix them, as well as potentially enhancing the engines of the vehicles. Every car is made up of 50 individual parts that are further categorized into smaller groups. You have the flexibility to use your creativity and ingenuity to modify these parts in order to design a car that meets your specifications. When you finish the given task, you will be rewarded with a significant amount of money along with various enticing incentives.

Retro Garage - Car Mechanic

A Symphony of Color and Chrome

“Retro Garage – Car Mechanic” doesn’t just provide mechanical thrills; it’s a feast for the eyes. Prepare to be dazzled by a spectrum of intricately modeled classic cars from iconic manufacturers. The game’s focus on vintage Soviet vehicles adds a dash of unique historical charm, immersing you in the world of rare and fascinating automotive collectibles.

Retro Garage - Car Mechanic

Engine Enhancements and Creative Customization

The core of this game lies in finding broken car components, repairing them, and even upgrading engines for maximum performance. Each vehicle is composed of intricate parts assembled into functional systems. This offers incredible freedom to tweak and customize your creations, tailoring cars to specific challenges or your own personal style.

Turning Your Passion into Profit

Retro Garage – Car Mechanic offers a wealth of new opportunities and allows you to earn a substantial income by selling cars. This game provides players with unique experiences and the chance to make a profit through their automotive endeavors. In the near future, you will achieve success as a wealthy entrepreneur in the auto repair industry. In addition to restoring classic cars for your collection, you have the option to sell them or take part in car races to enhance your driving abilities. When you emerge victorious in drag races, you stand to earn a significant amount of money as a reward.

When you join Retro Garage – Car Mechanic, you will dive into the realm of automobiles and develop exceptional skills as car repair experts. Apart from honing your repair abilities, you can also engage in intense races and take on the various tasks provided in the game. His versatile repair skills make it easier to make money as well.

What's new

- Added a new car - Range Classic (5 doors SUV) + Sport modification
- Added new engine - R215 (3.5L V8) + Injector modification
- Updated soundtrack
- Special modifications in the museum can now be unlocked with Bits
- Added the ability to change the type of air supply to the engine (carburetor or injection) when replacing engine parts
- Fixed several bugs



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