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Raft Survival: Multiplayer is an online ocean survival game that you can play with your friends! You will have to build a raft together, take resources from the ocean and craft items to survive in the post-apocalypse. Start the game and add your friends to it!
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If you’re an Android gamer looking for an immersive and challenging survival experience, look no further than Raft Survival. Developed by RedDeerGames, this captivating mobile game plunges players into the vastness of the ocean, where they must rely on their wits and resourcefulness to survive. In this article, we will dive into the exciting features that make Raft Survival a must-play for survival game enthusiasts.

Stranded at Sea: The Ultimate Survival Challenge

Raft Survival throws players into a gripping scenario where they find themselves stranded on a small wooden raft in the middle of the open ocean. With nothing but a hook and a few basic supplies, players must navigate treacherous waters, scavenge for resources, and craft essential tools and equipment to stay alive. The game presents a true test of survival skills, as players must manage their hunger, thirst, and health while fending off various challenges and threats.

Build and Expand Your Raft

As the name suggests, building and expanding your raft is a crucial aspect of Raft Survival. Players start with a modest raft but can gradually upgrade and expand it by gathering debris, such as floating barrels and planks, from the surrounding ocean. By crafting and placing additional foundations, walls, and floors, players can create a more spacious and secure shelter to withstand the perils of the sea. The ability to design and customize the raft adds a creative element to the game, allowing players to tailor their survival experience to their liking.

Resource Gathering and Crafting

In Raft Survival, resource gathering is essential for survival. Players must use their trusty hook to reel in floating debris, which can yield valuable materials like wood, plastic, and scrap metal. These resources can then be used to craft various tools, weapons, and equipment that are vital for survival and exploration. From fishing rods and water purifiers to weapons for self-defense, the game offers a wide array of crafting options, providing players with a sense of progression and accomplishment as they unlock new recipes and improve their survival arsenal.

Perils of the Ocean: Face Nature’s Challenges

Surviving in Raft Survival is not just about managing hunger and thirst. Players must also navigate a variety of challenges posed by the harsh ocean environment. From aggressive sharks prowling the waters to unpredictable weather conditions and powerful currents, the game constantly keeps players on their toes. The threat of starvation, dehydration, and becoming fish food adds a thrilling element of danger and urgency, making every decision and action a matter of life or death.

Exploration and Discovery

While survival is the primary objective, Raft Survival also offers a sense of exploration and discovery. As players sail across the ocean, they may come across various islands and landmarks, each holding the potential for valuable resources and hidden treasures. Exploring these locations not only offers a break from the relentless struggle for survival but also presents opportunities for new encounters, unique challenges, and the chance to expand your raft’s capabilities.

Continuous Development and Updates

Raft Survival is a game that continues to evolve and improve. The developers regularly release updates, introducing new features, gameplay mechanics, and bug fixes. These updates keep the game fresh and exciting, providing players with new challenges and content to explore. The dedication of the development team ensures that players can enjoy an ever-evolving and immersive survival experience.


Raft Survival offers an adrenaline-pumping and immersive survival adventure right at your fingertips. With its gripping storyline, resource gathering, crafting mechanics, and the constant threat of the ocean’s perils, the game provides an exhilarating and challenging experience for survival game enthusiasts. Whether you’re drawn to the thrill of overcoming adversity or enjoy the sense of exploration and discovery


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  • Raft® Survival: Multiplayer Screenshot
  • Raft® Survival: Multiplayer Screenshot
  • Raft® Survival: Multiplayer Screenshot
  • Raft® Survival: Multiplayer Screenshot
  • Raft® Survival: Multiplayer Screenshot
  • Raft® Survival: Multiplayer Screenshot
  • Raft® Survival: Multiplayer Screenshot
  • Raft® Survival: Multiplayer Screenshot


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