Feel the awesome sound in your music with Radsone app!
Music listens completely new by Radsone; exact sound image, every details rise up to the life which you never heard before. Now sit at ease and enjoy what each producer intended you to experience.

The genuine quality player every music lovers have been waiting for.
No compromise in sound quality; Most care for quality sound. Unlikely artificial effects such as EQ and Surround, Radsone only eliminates digital artifacts.

“Compared to a standard player – heaven and earth” by Rolling Stone
“No matter of using earbuds, good headphones or in car – this app can deliver much more pleasure listening to my tunes!” by Prezio

– Optimized UX for HD, QHD screen resolutions
– Hi-Resolution audio playback up to 24bit resolution/192KHz sampling
– Full functionalities including wireless (BT), remote control
– Optimized for low battery consumption
– Playlist edit support
– Non comparable sound quality by Distinctive Clear Technology(TM)
– 3 optimized sounds according to listening environments (headphone/earphone,car,speaker)

Screenshots :

  • Radsone Hi-Res Player Screenshot
  • Radsone Hi-Res Player Screenshot

Downloads :

Radsone v5.0.6 Mod | Mirror