Profile Stalkers For fbook

This is paid version of Profile stalkers for facebook

Guys let’s check today who interacts you most on your facebook.Who is more interested in you to check your facebook profilepicture as well as your status and wall. You must be very excitedto know those friends name.
Now it is possible to see the people who is interested in you. Wewill show you list of people from facebook. (Those are yourfacebook friends only). Who are checking your profile andinterested in you. They might be visiting your profile and checkingon you more frequently . Isn’t that cool ? and yes its free toinstall and check the initial list of people who is stalking atyou. What you are waiting for. Go head and install our profilestalkers for facebook app. Know who is checking your facebookprofile daily.
We are using smart trick to get the list of users from yourfacebook who might be viewing your facebook profile frequently. Itis the You can see 5 users for free when you install the app, youcan refresh it as many times you want and can see updated list. Youcan see full picture of the users by clicking on the picture yousee.

App will ask to login with facebook to get the list. We areusing facebook as a source and do some metrics to get the profilevisitors list.

Here is the trick

The list you are getting is depend on the activities you aredoing on facebook. List will be updated on time based on that. Youare messaging some one or liking their status, commenting canchange the order of the list.

You need to check and analyse the people to whom you have nottalked and not interacted with them since long, those are thevisitors of your profile. Don’t be confused by thinking that personwho is on top is viewing you the most. Those are the users to whomyou are chatting, you need to find those to whom you are nottalking or interacting among the list.

It is most secure application, the details that you are puttingis the secure, so you don’t need to worry about that. It is greatchance to find your crush using this facebook profile stalkersapp.

If you have any question related to who viewed my profile app,Feel free to email on the given id, we will answer your questionsas soon possible. We are continuously updating our facebook profilevisitors app to give users good experience and make it userfriendly. If you have any suggestion, feel free to reach us.


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