Plus Messenger (Telegram Plus) v9.1.2 MOD APK

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Plus Messenger

If you’re wondering which application to use for messaging and communicating with friends, Plus Messenger is for you. It is the messaging tool of choice for many users due to its utility and offers a variety of unique features. This application allows you to create group chats with different names. Not only that, but you can easily distinguish tabs in your inbox if you know the favorites, unread categories, etc. It is the messaging tool of choice for many users to use.

There are a number of reasons for this, among them being the ability to display tabs on the screen. Users can categorize the message tabs in their mailbox, so they can easily identify messages to read and respond accordingly. These can be favorites, unread messages, or messages from groups, clearly categorized according to their placement. Also, this application allows you to remove unwanted tabs completely.

Create multiple accounts by logging in up to 10 accounts at the same time

This is considered a good application for those who have a business. And no matter what your job is, texting always appreciates it. why am i saying this? Because this app allows you to log into up to 10 accounts on the same app and on the same device. You can then use them for different purposes. Users can easily switch accounts for the fastest way to reply to messages.

Give your group chat a unique name to avoid confusion

Plus Messenger has changed your life dramatically. It saves you a lot of time sharing and receiving information from others. With this application you can send private girlfriend messages to everyone and gather everyone in the same group for easy communication. Users can create numerous different chat groups and name each group individually to avoid confusion later. Name each category, such as family chat groups, company chat groups…

Folders in your mailbox can be easily backed up and restored. You can also quickly backup and restore important message items from this app, all done quickly to avoid wasting user’s time. Additionally, chat items can be arranged in the neatest way for easy identification.

Add Chats and Stickers to Favorites

There are always important conversations and messages, personal or at work. Also, due to the fact that the text is being sent to many people, previous message elements may be diluted and difficult to find them again. can be pinned to

Shows all sorts of notifications when someone goes online or types a message

Just to visit the profiles of people you care about and see if they are active No need to wait or waste time. All you have to do is add your favorite people to your interests using Plus Messenger. The app will notify you.

Mod Features:
Languages: en, ru, uk
Platforms: arm7 +, x86 +
Deep graphics optimization, duplicates deleted
The theme Coffee (visible in the Settings) and some other themes of the Telegraph
Manifest is optimized
The modification is untied from Google Services
Blocked analytics collection, carefully
Renamed everywhere in Telegram +
Original icon and notification icon (from the official client)
Maps, addresses and location work
Compression: Ultra + Zipalign
Signature changed


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