PlayStation 2 Emulator for Android v0.30 build 39 alpha [Latest]

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PlayStation 2 emulator for Android operating systems that lets you enjoy some of the best games from the 128-bit era on your smartphone or tablet.

List of commercial PS2 games & their compatibility/status on Play!:

  • In-game means somewhat playable past title screens (including with graphics bugs, crashes, and other major problems).
  • Menu/Title screen only means that you can load the game, control it somewhat, but can’t actually get past title screens or can’t get playable in-game.
  • Intro only means nothing but an intro/opening of the game is shown (such as a video/animation/company name/etc.).
  • Loadable with FPS, but shows nothing means that the game is capable of being read but can’t actually start/run yet.
  • Nothing/Crash means that the game won’t even be read by the emulator and/or crashes the emulator before the game even gets to show much of anything.

List of compatible/playable games for this emulator you can see here (





PlayStation 2 Emulator for Android v0.30 build 39 alpha Apk / Mirror

PlayStation 2 Emulator for Android v0.30 build 30 alpha Apk / Mirror

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