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PixBit - Pixel Icon Pack

Introduction to PixBit – Pixel Icon Pack

PixBit – Pixel Icon Pack is a popular mobile application that offers a vast collection of high-quality pixel art icons for customizing the look and feel of your Android device. It allows users to transform their device’s home screen by replacing the default app icons with pixelated versions that evoke a nostalgic and retro charm.

PixBit - Pixel Icon Pack

Features and Functionality

PixBit – Pixel Icon Pack stands out from other icon packs due to its unique and eye-catching pixel art style. It offers a wide variety of icons covering a broad range of app categories, including social media, utilities, entertainment, productivity, and many more. With a meticulous attention to detail, each icon is crafted to capture the essence of the original app while maintaining a pixelated aesthetic.

The application provides a straightforward and user-friendly interface that makes it easy for users to browse and apply icons. Upon opening the app, users can explore the extensive icon library, which is regularly updated with new additions. Icons are neatly organized into categories or can be searched by app name, ensuring convenient access to the desired icons.

One of the key features of PixBit – Pixel Icon Pack is its compatibility with various popular Android launchers, such as Nova Launcher, Apex Launcher, Action Launcher, and more. This flexibility allows users to enjoy the icon pack’s customization options regardless of their preferred launcher. By applying PixBit icons, users can achieve a cohesive and visually appealing home screen, enhancing the overall user experience.

PixBit - Pixel Icon Pack Pro

Furthermore, PixBit – Pixel Icon Pack offers additional customization options beyond just icons. It provides a selection of high-quality pixel wallpapers that complement the icon pack, allowing users to create a complete and harmonious visual theme for their device.

To ensure user satisfaction and engagement, PixBit – Pixel Icon Pack also incorporates a feature that allows users to request new icons. If an app is not yet included in the icon pack, users can submit a request, and the developers strive to fulfill these requests in future updates, thereby continuously expanding the icon library.

In Conclusion

PixBit – Pixel Icon Pack is a versatile and visually captivating application that empowers Android users to personalize their device’s home screen with stunning pixel art icons. With its extensive collection, compatibility with popular launchers, additional customization options, and a responsive development team, PixBit offers a comprehensive solution for anyone seeking to enhance the visual appeal of their Android device.

What’s New:
• 10 new icons
• Activity fixes
• Updated dashboard with Material You theme

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  • PixBit - Pixel Icon Pack Screenshot
  • PixBit - Pixel Icon Pack Screenshot
  • PixBit - Pixel Icon Pack Screenshot
  • PixBit - Pixel Icon Pack Screenshot
  • PixBit - Pixel Icon Pack Screenshot
  • PixBit - Pixel Icon Pack Screenshot
  • PixBit - Pixel Icon Pack Screenshot


PixBit – Pixel Icon Pack v16.9 APK [Patched] / Mirror

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