Photo Friend exposure & meter

Photo Friend is a no-frills exposure calculator app, for photographers and movie makers that know their way. The app can also work as light meter by using the phone camera or the light sensor. The calculator can estimate depth-of-field, too.


Highlight features:

  • Easy and intuitive exposure calculator. No typing, no configurations! Just drag each gauge to the desired value. The other meters move to make good exposure.

  • Reflected light meter. If your phone has a camera and you grant access, a viewfinder is shown on the main screen. Point to the subject and touch the viewfinder to take a picture. The EV will be estimated based on the picture.

  • Incident light meter. If your phone has a light sensor, the illuminance in lux is shown, and the estimated EV. Touch the viewfinder area to transport EV to the respective calculator gauge.

  • Easy-to-use depth-of-field calculator. Just dial aperture, focal length and subject distance. DoF is expressed as numbers and graphically. Distance unit and DoF parameters can be tweaked at Settings.

What’s New
Added film sizes 4x5in and 8x10in

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  • Photo Friend exposure & meter Screenshot
  • Photo Friend exposure & meter Screenshot

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Photo Friend exposure & meter v4.01 [Pro] / Mirror