Phone Voice Recorder Dialer (Paid)

Quickly find phone network operator information!

(1) Passcode security procedure.
(2) Saving 3 recorded phone voice files.
(3) Recordable under screen off.
(4) Unlimited recording length.
(5) High compression technology. (1 hour: 8 MB)
(6) Switch: auto repeat playback.
(7) Display Phone Carrier Name and Country Code.
(8) Display Network Code and Mobile Network Name.

Fast Getting Started:
(1) Check the app phone status.
(2) Input the phone number.
(3) When communication over, press the recording stop button on bottom.
(4) Want to execute voice playing, press the voice recording playing button on bottom.

Voice bottom toolbar function: left to right in order [recording], [stop recording], [repeat playback recording switch], [play Recording], [Pause] button.

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  • Phone Voice Recorder Dialer (Paid) Screenshot


Phone Voice Recorder Dialer [Paid] v10.20.0 / Mirror