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Periodic Table Pro is the best free periodic table app on android. This app provides free chemical elements with all details, isotope of elements, solubility chart and molar mass calculator in your pocket. It's material design approach provides users to focus on data. It helps you to refresh your knowledge, prepare for exams, and increase your knowledge.
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Periodic Table Pro stands as the premier free periodic table app on Android devices. This application offers a comprehensive database of chemical elements, including detailed information, isotope data, a solubility chart, and a molar mass calculator. Its material design approach prioritizes data clarity, allowing users to delve into the world of chemistry effortlessly. Whether you need to refresh your knowledge, prepare for exams, or simply expand your understanding, Periodic Table Pro is the ideal educational companion for learners of all levels.

An Extensive Array of Chemical Elements

In-Depth Information:

Periodic Table Pro delivers accurate and detailed information about all chemical elements. Each element is accompanied by comprehensive descriptions of its atomic, thermodynamic, material, electromagnetic, and nuclear properties. This wealth of information provides a valuable framework for analyzing chemical behavior and finds widespread use in various scientific fields.

Interactive Periodic Table:

The application boasts an interactive periodic table of elements, complete with visually appealing images. At the startup interface, users are presented with the entire periodic table, conveniently arranged with category information interspersed throughout. This feature simplifies navigation, making it easy to locate and explore specific elements.

User-Friendly Design and Enhanced Functionality

Modern and Intuitive Design:

Periodic Table Pro features a user-friendly and modern design that enhances the overall user experience. Its intuitive interface allows for effortless browsing and quick access to desired information. The application’s design ensures that users can focus on the data at hand without any distractions.

Direct Links and Efficient Search:

The app offers direct links to Wikipedia and Google Search results, enabling users to access additional information about specific elements with a single tap. Furthermore, the inclusion of category filters enhances search efficiency, making it easier and faster to find relevant elements based on specific criteria.

Additional Tools for Comprehensive Learning

Solubility Chart:

Periodic Table Pro includes a solubility chart, providing valuable insights into the solubility properties of various chemical compounds. This feature proves particularly useful in understanding the dissolution characteristics and behavior of different substances.

Molar Mass Calculator:

The app also features an elegant molar mass calculator, allowing users to calculate the molar mass of chemical compounds effortlessly. This tool is invaluable for various applications in chemistry, including stoichiometry calculations and formulation of chemical equations.

Dark Theme for Enhanced Accessibility:

To facilitate late-night study sessions or reduce eye strain, Periodic Table Pro offers a dark theme option. This feature ensures optimal visibility and enhances user comfort during extended periods of app usage.

The Significance of the Periodic Table

Understanding Chemical Reactions:

The periodic table serves as a powerful tool for comprehending chemical reactions and their effects. Many observable changes in our surroundings, such as rain, leaf color changes, or household cleaning processes, involve chemical reactions. A fundamental knowledge of chemistry begins with an understanding of the periodic table.

Predicting Element Properties:

One of the primary reasons the periodic table holds immense importance is its ability to predict the properties of elements, even those yet to be discovered. The arrangement of elements in columns (groups) and rows (periods) indicates their shared characteristics. By examining the table, one can determine an element’s atomic number, atomic weight, and group, providing valuable insights into its properties and behavior.

Essential Information for Chemical Equations:

The periodic table reveals trends in element properties, presenting crucial information used to balance chemical equations accurately. It provides details such as electron configurations, oxidation states, atomic radius, melting and boiling points, densities, and more. These insights aid chemists in predicting and analyzing reactions, ensuring the precise formulation of chemical equations.

Continual Updates for an Enriched Experience

Ongoing Development and Expansion:

Periodic Table Pro is continuously updated with new features and content to provide users with the most comprehensive and up-to-date information. By staying updated with the latest app releases, users can access a continuously enriched experience and ensure they remain at the forefront of knowledge in the field of chemistry.


  • Periodic Table Pro - Chemistry Screenshot
  • Periodic Table Pro - Chemistry Screenshot
  • Periodic Table Pro - Chemistry Screenshot
  • Periodic Table Pro - Chemistry Screenshot
  • Periodic Table Pro - Chemistry Screenshot
  • Periodic Table Pro - Chemistry Screenshot
  • Periodic Table Pro - Chemistry Screenshot
  • Periodic Table Pro - Chemistry Screenshot

What's new

* New Element List section
* New Category and Properties fitter in Periodic Table
* New next and previous buttons on the element detail page
* Added Emission Spectrum image in element detail page
* Added Organic Compounds list in Molar mass calculator
* Added splash screen
* Improved user interface
* Support for Android 13
* Bug fixes and performance improvements



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