The application has been developed to keep your passwords in one place in a regular and secure manner.

Features ;

  • unique encryption;

As is known, encryption algorithms are unidirectional and cannot be broken again. Therefore, your passwords, e-mail or other information is only special for you because it is not broken after being encrypted. Therefore, a special technique was used in the application. It is an encryption algorithm similar to Base64.

  • Modern Design And Simple Interface;

Compared to many password storage applications, a more stylish and modern design has been made.
It is a simple and useful design that doesn’t eye.

  • Totally Local;

When it comes to the Internet, it is essential that there should be an environment where there is security and beauty. But no matter how much security is provided, it is never a safe environment. With these in mind, we designed the application to be completely offline and local. This means the same ratio as the security of your device.

  • Password Generator;

“How do I put a password?” There is no need to say. because the application is doing it for you. You can generate 8-15 characters long passwords.


You can store applications in the site and accounts;

Google accounts
microsoft accounts

cloud storage accounts;
Google drive
One drive
Yandex Disk
Mega NZ


Web Sites;
E- State

Social media accounts ;

What’s New

Innovations in Design.
New Features Added to Each Section.
Add an Apple Icloud Account Section to the Web Part and 4 Optional Sites to Add a Partition Added.


  • PassWord Manager Screenshot
  • PassWord Manager Screenshot