Pandora v1905.2 Premium Plus + Black MOD [Latest]


Pandora is the easiest way to find new music based on your favorites.

Pandora gives you a personalized music experience that continually evolves with your tastes. Create free radio stations and playlists based from your favorite songs, artists or genres such as pop, rap, rock, EDM or country.

Want to control your music streaming experience? With Pandora Premium, search for songs or albums and stream with no ads. Create your own playlists or use Pandora’s “Add Similar Songs” to finish it. Pandora Premium also lets you take your music offline. Choose the playlist, album, or song you want to download and listen anytime without Internet connectivity.

Pandora Premium™
Personalized radio meets on-demand listening for $9.99/month.

•Search and play your favorite songs and albums on-demand
•Create playlists, not worklists – on your own or powered by Pandora
•Download the music you want and listen offline with our music app
•Unlimited skips and replays
•Higher quality audio
•Listen to music with no ads

Pandora Plus™
Listen to music with more control and no ads for $4.99/month.

• Unlimited skips and replays
• Higher quality audio
• Offline listening for your favorite stations

Mod Info:

  • Unlimited Skips
  • No Ads
  • No Timeout
  • Music Downloader, MP3,
  • 192kbps Pandora One support
  • Courtesy of Hunter X


  • Pandora - Streaming Music, Radio & Podcasts Screenshot
  • Pandora - Streaming Music, Radio & Podcasts Screenshot
  • Pandora - Streaming Music, Radio & Podcasts Screenshot
  • Pandora - Streaming Music, Radio & Podcasts Screenshot
  • Pandora - Streaming Music, Radio & Podcasts Screenshot
  • Pandora - Streaming Music, Radio & Podcasts Screenshot


Pandora v1905.2 Patched / Mirror

Pandora v1812.1.1 Patched / Mirror

Pandora v1812.1.1 Black Mod  / Mirror

Pandora v1808.1 Patched / Mirror

56 thoughts on “Pandora v1905.2 Premium Plus + Black MOD [Latest]

  1. Rifat

    I Have Huge Collection of Paid Apps & Games.. Would You Please Give Me The Authority to post here? Please? Thanks

  2. anon

    The black text looks awful. Wait to download until an updated version pops up. You can’t see station names.

    1. Xzeropr

      You need to turn on storage permission on in the pandora app for the app access the internal storage.

  3. Mehmood Amjad

    No reply button in this app, while it is present in orignal app since 8.0 version

      1. Becca

        When you hit the like button, it prompts to download song and when you hit yes, it does not whole download thinng but when you drop the notification bar down, it doesn’t download the song, it’s like it’s downloading Pandora over and over. When I go into my music, song isn’t there.

        1. Jay

          I am not even getting that prompt anymore I remember on early v7 something it was working

          1. Becca

            Yea I gave up and downloaded a old version I had on my tablet. Works like a champ. Able to download songs. So iss not my phone or memory card.

  4. M4RCUZ

    Guy the Downloader is not broken, in oder to make it work you need set permission of storage for Pandora​ app first…

    1. Javier

      Well Im lost here then, i did gave all permisions (included Storage) i click like Button and it just highlight the Thumbs up button in orange and animation to the radio Name, I have Android 7.1.1 and Pandora 8.5. And i do not have any pop up from the downloader, am i missing something else?

  5. Jennifer

    This app keeps crashing every few songs and usually right in the middle of a song. Starting to piss me off.

  6. All

    I just installed Pandora v8.7.1 Black MOD. Is it supposed to have “repeat?” What version has repeat. Thank u.

  7. Michael

    How do I fix the share to facebook issue. It wI’ll not let me connect to facebook to share. I’ve uninstalled the pandora mod app n the Facebook app and reinstalled them and it still did not work. Please help if you can. I really like that feature.

  8. Ray

    Google play is throwing a fit saying this is unsafe and can steal my info. Avast hates it too all of a sudden. I been using it for a.while now flawless. The only issue i ever had was the error when starting it that said Pandora couldn’t verify my account. It’s always worked great up until yesterday.

  9. John152

    NVISO and VirusTotal both say it has Suspicious_GEN.F47V0117. no go for me. This is on version 17.12.1.

  10. Dust

    getting a notification error on oreo 8.0 when downloading ‘Failed to post notification on channel “null”‘

  11. Ricardo Medrano

    It does download songs n saves them but when you close the app and open it up again later it doesn’t work anymore

  12. Greenjeans

    No downloads now? On 8.1 Android don’t even get prompt to download and permissions are set.

  13. Rob carrillo

    Does not let you download on android 8.0.0 oreo.when you are you update pandora ?

  14. Johnny

    I’m still on Lollipop and the downloads with this one stopped working for me too. They did work, now it doesn’t even ask when you thumbs up a song. Not sure what would have changed other than something with Pandora and now this app needs updater. It does still block ads. However, it still times out. This version from here (1804.2) always did though. So it wasn’t completely cracked or cracked properly. It doesn’t ask if you are still listening, it just stops playing and closes down after around 2 hours

  15. Ligma Nuhtz

    1804.2 is no longer downloading songs with thumbs up, proper permissions are enabled.

    Need a MOD version of 1808.1 asap

  16. Jaelz

    Thanks for the update, but only one thing is not doing, downloading songs it says downloaded but it never starts even thou it said downloaded…. by the way I do have the permission to the storage… and it even created the folder but it won’t download.

  17. Pedro Pena

    How to use it.? I create a free account and when I try to download a song it keeps saying that I need the premium one. And I did change the storage permission yes

    1. Will

      Can someone edit the apk i know it changed from. mp3 to .m4a awhile ago. However it also changed the khz sampling rate from 44khz to 22khz and reduced filesize that effected sound quality when compared to othet tracks download off older pandora builds.

  18. Anang

    Not able to download even from 1808.1….
    It says that it is downloading but nothing is saved.
    Need help… The only app i actually liked

  19. Jose

    Won’t download songs. Says it’s downloading and saving, even creates the folder but no song. Yes, I do have permission for storage set too.

    1. Anant

      So m not the only one…. Even if go to the old version whr i could, but now… That too is not working….
      Someone needs to not just modify but actually see that it actually works….

  20. K

    For me the song downloads but it doesn’t register my thumbs up, gives me an error code 3. But the song downloads.

    Nvm, signed out of my account and back in again, no more error codes, everything works perfect ?

  21. K

    Nope nvm again same as everyone else, no downloads. Downloads definitely worked before I signed out and back in again just kept getting error code 3

  22. PizzaG

    They changed things Server Side. Instead of downloading the song as MP3, they changed the format to MP4, which is why it won’t download properly anymore. I plan to tear the apk apart and see if I can modify it to work again. I’ll let you all know if I get it working.

  23. Bryson

    The last version of this mod that had the working thumbs up download feature is 1710.2 & I know because I’m still using it & I’ve downloaded every version from here since then & the download feature hasn’t worked on any of them. So I always end up installing 1710.2 again after being disappointed lol ?

  24. Jael

    Can anyone tell me why everytime I try to download any app from here lately, the download always stop at 80% and won’t even finish?? I’m using Note 9 by the way, if anyone knows plz help


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