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With a simple screen-touch or two, you can create an awesome diary and a note. We all have a variety of emotion and character but all diaries and notes look the same. Why don’t we make it a little more unique and special? Using ‘typo filter’, Paletto adds special sentimentality to your posts and diary.

“We created Paletto because we wanted to find beauty even in theshortest blurb.
All notepads are the same, aren’t they?
We wanted to stand out.” – Team Paletto

No more boring white-background diary! Easily post your articles orkeep your diary just like you choose typo filer on Photoshop.

  1. Write your diary
  2. Choose typo filter and color filter that best matches with your posts. Simply tap the screen twice. That’s all you need!
  3. Share Paletto on Social Media : Instagram, Facebook, Twitteretc. Just click on it!
    You can also create a decent photo card!
  4. 20 kinds of typos and 32 kinds of backgrounds and colors. Updated every day!.


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  • Paletto Screenshot


Paletto PRO v2.1.3 [Unlocked] / Mirror

Paletto PRO v2.0.4 Unlocked / Mirror

Paletto PRO v2.0.3 Unlocked / Mirror

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