OrbitalKey Keyboard (Pro)

OrbitalKey Keyboard (Pro)

Dive into a world of customization with Orbital Key. For the first time ever all the keyboard customization power is given to the user allowing you to make any theme of your desire.

Key features:
• Standalone keyboard with similar mechanics to stock android keyboard.
• Four beautifully designed preset themes (Lightning theme, Iron them, Coral reef and Cyber theme) in addition to the classic android themes.
• Customizable icons- Change the appearance of the spacebar, shift key, delete key and the emoji key, to anything from a stock look to a picture of your choosing!
• Custom background
• Pick any colour – With Orbital Key you can change the colours of the key, key hints and even the suggestion strip.
• Icon size – You may change the size of the shift, delete and emoji keys to best suit your image and needs.
• Preset icons – Preset material icons for spacebar, shift key, delete key and the emoji key.


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OrbitalKey Keyboard (PRO) v2.0.3 Apk / Mirror