Optical File Transfer PRO

Optical File Transfer PRO

This is the Pro version of the Optical File Transfer app.  Send small files to your phone through camera – as a stream of QR images.

Features :

• Requires no WiFi, no Bluetooth and no USB cable to transfer files
• Both wireless and offline at the same time
• Minimal setup – when in download mode, just point the camera on the stream and wait
• Generates little RF noise – so can be safely used in the airplane mode on the plane
• Can process requests to send file from other apps in the system (like your favorite file manager app)

Notes :

• Sending larger files is very time consuming – so this app does not intend to replace USB/WiFi way of file transmission at all. It rather allows to quickly grab some small pdf/text/image from the PC/phone to phone, when you do not feel like searching for USB cable/setup Bluetooth/WiFi just for that one small file.

• It also does not guarantee that transmission will ever succeed on every phone on the default settings. How fast phone can handle capture of the stream depends on the camera/general phone performance/stream brightness/camera ability to focus.

• Default settings are likely not optimal for every phone.

• If you have problems succeeding to transfer anything on default settings, experiment with the settings – slow down with FPS/allow more errors/etc.

• If you want to speed up a little bit, you can also tweak settings a little – towards faster ones – and find what is the limit for your phone/camera.

• Transmission settings affects only QR stream producer in upload mode – receiver in download mode only fits to what it sees.

• Free version supports files up to 1MB in size.

Additions over the free version :


• It does not have any adds – so little less laggy than the free version
• It can support transfer of files bigger than 1MB
• It allows you to offload GPU a little bit by disabling the blur effect in the settings
• It allows you to choose download location of the received files
• Uses less space on the phone flash memory – because it does not use any ad functionality


Tweak preview size selection algorithm.


  • Optical File Transfer Pro Screenshot
  • Optical File Transfer Pro Screenshot


Optical File Transfer PRO v0.0.4 / Mirror

Optical File Transfer PRO v0.0.3 / Mirror