Mic Block – Call speech privacy pro v1.36(Unlocked) [Latest]

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• App will protect your phone from spying on you and recording your voice or call by: virus, spyware, malware, backdoor or surveillance applications.

— “Does it make sense for an alarm clock app to want permission to use microphone ? Probably not.” —

— “On average android phone there is 14 applications that have „record audio“ (microphone) permission and can be anytime misused to eavesdropping and recording you or your calls. Each of 14 apps can record your voice, speech and call anytime they want. Most of these apps has internet permission and can transfer your records to the world.” –

• Try Microphone Block – Call and speech privacy and:

✔ Block and disable your microphone by single click.
✔ Protect your privacy from being recording and eavesdropping through phone.
✔ Use “Spy app catcher” feature to analyze if you are not already spied or recorded. (By spyware, malware, virus, backdoor or surveillance apps).
✔ Show list of apps with “record audio” – microphone permission (See security threats: spyware, virus, malware, backdoor and surveillance threats)
✔ Blocking and protection of all “call / audio / speech / voice recorder” type of application
✔ Use home screen widget for quick access.
✔ Simple and clear design with 2 templates and multiple icon sets.

Spy app catcher

Special feature that helps you to analyze and catch application that may be recording and spying you. When your telephone is in sleeping mode (screen is turned off) application is every 5 minutes testing access to your Mic. If microphone is not used everything is OK, but if not !!!

★ Try Free version (Mic Block – Anti spy & malware):

  • Free version protection is working 20 hours per day (Blocking is off between 18:00 – 22:00 hours)
  • Free version contains banner ads

• FAQ:

  • Why application requires “record audio” (microphone) permission?

„Spy app catcher“ feature requires access to microphone to execute security test.
Microphone protection can’t be technically done without direct access to microphone. (In simple terms: We can’t close or block doors if we can’t touch or manipulate these doors)

  • Can application secure / protect from spying by security agencies ?

Application can secure and protect your android phone from listening and recording you by other applications that are infected by spyware, malware, virus or security agencies spying code, but can’t protect you from recording your calls going through “telephone line”. App can’t secure “telephone lines” so once your voice leave the phone we are not protecting you anymore. (If security agency decide to record your calls on the “telephone line” or “operator” we are not able to protect you).

What’s New
– Switching languages – professional German translation, (other languages coming soon)
– Quick launchers added to notification
– Free version extened by 2 extra hours (working 22/7 now)


  • Microphone Block: Mic Anti Spy Screenshot
  • Microphone Block: Mic Anti Spy Screenshot
  • Microphone Block: Mic Anti Spy Screenshot
  • Microphone Block: Mic Anti Spy Screenshot
  • Microphone Block: Mic Anti Spy Screenshot
  • Microphone Block: Mic Anti Spy Screenshot

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