“Announcer for Whatsapp” reads out loud messages you received from Whatsapp.

★ Each message make you run for the cell phone? You are driving but you can not read messages? You do fitness and having sweaty hands? You go to shop and youre hands are full? The cell phone is a bit far away from you and you too busy to read the text message? So that’s it for that, now you can listen to all the important messages without even touching or looking at the phone, all you need is the Whatsapp Announcer app.

★ What does it do:
1. Read the sender name .
2. Read the content of the message.
3. Read only name or only the message content.
4. Allow schedule when the app is in sleep mode.
5. The application allows you to block specific friends and specific groups.
6. Blocking announcing from groups.
7. Announcing through the headset / headphone / bluetooth only.
8. Widget for fast control.

★ More options for youre convenience:
1. Reading the sender name several times before reading the message.
2. Allows speaking only when the screen is off.
3. Enables to read messages you missed during a call.
4. Fast stop speaking by shaking the device (Check the advanced setting)
And more …

★ The application supports the following languages:
Hebrew, English, Spanish, French, Italian, Polish, Russian, German, Japanese, Portuguese, Dutch, Hindi and Korean.

★ Two important points:
1. The application doesn’t use internet beyond the initial installation of certain languages.
2. The application preserves the user’s privacy and does not use the data.

★ Coming soon:

1. Better quality speaking dictionary.
2. Speaking speed control.
3. Additional options for users convenience.

Not working? you can find help here:

Suggestions, improvements and feedback can be sent by email to: [email protected]

What’s New

  • New ‘Messages player’ – with this you can play messages when you want from the status bar.
  •  Now you can create a list of Bluetooth devices that the app will work only when they are connected.
  • Older versions:
  • Added support for all kind of WhatsApp plus apps.
  • Test button to test the voice
  • New! Improved for some languages.
  • New! Widget for fast control: on/off button, reading last message and more…
  • and more.


  • Messages Reader for Whatsapp+ Screenshot
  • Messages Reader for Whatsapp+ Screenshot