No PDF Support
No Palm Rejection
Only Portrait Mode: Might not be very handy for some users (especially tablet users)

Translate your handset to an electronic notebook!

Create handwritten notes
Increase creativity using various tools (pen, highlighter, eraser, …)
Format page background via various flexible & configurable format options
Organize your notes inside libraries
Group current hot accessed notes in a bookshelf
Export any notebook or a complete library
Export local backups of all application state and import again when needed
Share part of page or all notebook
Set application as your preferred theme / size
… and more!

Optimize auto save life cycle
Bug Fix: Image copying a cross notebooks
Bug Fix: Add notebook (in a renamed library) to bookshelf


  • Master Note - Handwriting Screenshot
  • Master Note - Handwriting Screenshot
  • Master Note - Handwriting Screenshot

Download Links

Master Note – Handwriting v1.0.2-GA APK (12 MB) / Alternative Link