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As an astronaut stranded on Mars, your main objective is to survive and thrive in this challenging game. Here's a guide on how to survive:
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As a stranded astronaut on the hostile surface of Mars, your primary objective is to survive and eventually establish a thriving colony. In this immersive game, you’ll face numerous challenges unique to the Martian environment, requiring strategic resource management, base expansion, and defensive measures against the planet’s dangers.

Power Generation: A Fundamental Need

Maintaining various devices and systems is crucial for survival, and this begins with securing a reliable source of power. Explore the Martian landscape to locate solar panels, wind turbines, or other potential power sources. Once established, continuously monitor and maintain these systems to ensure a consistent flow of electricity to your base.

Martian Immigrants: Idle Mars

Resource Acquisition: The Key to Sustenance

Food, water, and other essential supplies are vital for sustaining life on Mars. Embark on expeditions to gather resources such as edible plants, minerals, and water deposits. Develop efficient extraction and storage strategies to maximize your resource reserves and ensure long-term survival.

Base Expansion: A Growing Community

As your colony grows, so too must your base. Construct additional structures, living quarters, and facilities to accommodate the increasing population. Each new survivor brings unique skills and abilities to the table, so actively recruit more astronauts to enhance your chances of success. A diverse and specialized workforce will prove invaluable in overcoming the challenges of Martian colonization.

Oxygen Production: Breathing Life into the Colony

Establishing a reliable oxygen supply is critical for the well-being of your colonists. Invest in the cultivation of oxygen-producing plants or the development of specialized oxygen-generating equipment. As your colony expands, ensure that your oxygen production capabilities scale accordingly to meet the increasing demand.

Spore Invasions: A Constant Threat

Mars is home to dangerous spores that pose a significant threat to both human life and infrastructure. Fortify your base with defensive structures and implement countermeasures to protect against these invasions. Prioritize research and development efforts to improve your defensive capabilities and safeguard your colony’s future.

Martian Immigrants: Idle Mars Martian Immigrants: Idle Mars

Factories and Farms: Sustaining Growth

Establishing self-sufficient factories and farms on Mars is paramount for long-term survival. These facilities will provide the necessary supplies, equipment, and food to support your growing colony. Effective resource management and careful planning will ensure the smooth operation of these vital production centers.

Planetary Exploration: Unveiling Martian Mysteries

Mars is a planet full of challenges and discoveries waiting to be uncovered. Every decision you make, from resource allocation to base expansion, will impact your chances of survival and growth on this unfamiliar world. Embrace the spirit of exploration and be prepared to adapt to the ever-changing conditions of the Red Planet.

Immersive Gameplay Experience

This captivating game combines elements of space exploration, factory management, farm cultivation, and space station construction, providing you with a comprehensive and immersive gaming experience. On this unforgiving planet, you’ll face various challenges, evolving from a stranded astronaut to a pioneering leader on Mars.


1. Seamless blend of simulation (SIM) and light role-playing game (RPG) elements.
2. Simple yet engaging 3D graphics style.
3. Explore the Martian map to collect diverse mineral resources.
4. Construct defensive fortifications to fend off spore invasions.
5. Recruit and manage a team of astronauts to aid in your survival efforts.

Remember, perseverance, strategic resource management, and adaptability are the keys to your survival and ultimate success in establishing a thriving colony on the Red Planet. Embark on this epic journey and leave your mark on the Martian frontier!


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