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Aug 9, 2023
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JibJab is a simple editing app that allows you to insert your own face into the templates provided by the app. This number of templates contains a variety of content that cannot be ignored. At the same time, you’ll also find easy-to-use features that help you create your product in just minutes, and you can even decide which platform you’ll share it with.

Create fun products with your face

JibJab has many ways to create fun and unique content to send to your loved ones and friends. The application offers tools to create products of different content, the highlight being the appearance of the face. Therefore, it is one of the factors that makes these products more unique and original when shared with players. Using the application is not that difficult.

Add your face to the app

The first task you need to do with JibJab is to have the application scan your face. It’s not too difficult for the user if the application specifies the correct face size. Adjust the size based on the distance between your face and device and the required angle. Once the process is complete, you will be presented with a list of faces ready to use and add to your product.

Profit from the content provided

JibJab provides many pre-made templates so users don’t have to worry about their editing skills. You have to choose what you want. Of course, knowing its contents and white faces, we can add faces. At the same time, this addition process only happens for a fraction of a second and does not adjust to create the same shape as created from the image of the face.

Create a variety of products

An interesting aspect of JibJab that cannot be ignored is the type of products that can be created. It can be a GIF, a video, or an electronic card, depending on your needs. At the same time, thanks to the content preview, we can also see them in the list provided by the application and recognize their properties. In addition, these products can be applied to different situations, different holidays with meanings you decide to send to the right audience.

Customize content before sharing

Once you’ve added your face to the template, continue editing small elements before sharing it on other platforms. There are various elements such as faces, texts and parts. The facial section helps you create a satisfying product with the right choices by substituting different facials. In addition, you can add different colors of text to your video to diversify your product content.

Easily share products

Once everything is done, select the Sharing section and choose your desired storage method and sharing platform. You can save it to your device for next time or on social networks like Facebook, Messenger and many other platforms.


  • JibJab: Ecards & Funny Videos Screenshot
  • JibJab: Ecards & Funny Videos Screenshot
  • JibJab: Ecards & Funny Videos Screenshot
  • JibJab: Ecards & Funny Videos Screenshot
  • JibJab: Ecards & Funny Videos Screenshot
  • JibJab: Ecards & Funny Videos Screenshot


JibJab v5.23.0 MOD APK / Mirror

JibJab v5.20.2 MOD APK / Mirror

What's new

Bug fixes and improvements.

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