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Calling all fans of idle RPGs, mythology enthusiasts, and waifu collectors! Idle Angels: Goddess’ Warfare is a mobile game that combines all three elements into an addictive and visually stunning package. In this game, you take on the role of a celestial commander, tasked with assembling a team of powerful angels from diverse mythologies to defend the heavens against a looming threat.

Collect and Command an Angelic Arsenal

One of the most captivating aspects of Idle Angels is its vast roster of over 100 angels. Each angel is beautifully illustrated, brimming with personality and drawn from a unique mythological background, such as Norse, Greek, Egyptian, and even Eastern mythology. From the graceful and elegant Artemis, goddess of the hunt, to the fiery and passionate Amaterasu, sun goddess of Japanese mythology, there’s an angel for every taste and playstyle.

As you progress through the game, you’ll collect these angels through gacha pulls and various in-game activities. The thrill of acquiring a new angel, especially a rare one, is truly addictive. But Idle Angels isn’t just about collecting; it’s about nurturing and developing your angelic team.

Strategize and Conquer

Once you’ve assembled your team, it’s time to unleash their divine power in strategic battles. The game’s idle combat system allows your angels to fight automatically, but there’s still plenty of room for strategy. You can carefully position your angels on the battlefield, equip them with powerful gear, and unlock their unique skills to maximize their effectiveness. The key lies in understanding each angel’s strengths and weaknesses and creating a team that synergizes well together.

Beyond the Battlefield

Idle Angels offers more than just epic battles. You can explore a serene sky-island, home to your angels, where you can build structures, unlock new areas, and interact with your celestial companions. There are also numerous game modes to keep you engaged, from climbing the challenging Sky-tower to competing in the PvP Arena and participating in seasonal events.

A Feast for the Senses

Idle Angels is a treat for the eyes and ears. The game boasts stunning character art, vibrant environments, and eye-catching animation effects. The soundtrack is equally impressive, with orchestral themes that perfectly complement the game’s epic atmosphere.

What's new

1. Optimized the Hero Returns, and upgraded the rewards of returning players: complete the quests to get rich rewards (After the version update, for players with active Hero Returns, the event will be reset, replacing the previous Hero Returns with the updated version)



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