Hourly Reminder PRO (Talking)

Hourly Reminder PRO (Talking)

Make sentences what you want to listen every hour on hours.

– Real Exactly On Time
– Never Miss On Time
– Uses battery and cpu only 24 seconds a day .
– Set every on hour 0 ~ 59 minutes
– can adjust minutes(0 ~ 59 minutes on every hour)
– available changed speed, a person (male, female; samsung avail), engine(google..) But, these options          depends on Manufacturer or Devices.
– use good sentence(your own sentences)
(Holy) Bible, Koran, Qur’an, law, law book, exam, Buddhist scriptures, dictionary, bylaw)
(Hey sweet sally! it’s a lovely day! time is 3pm. cheers!)
(the time is 3. good luck man.)
– use blind
(person who is visually impaired,… old man, senior, eys on surgery, disabled person )
– driving, bicycle, motorcycle, bike, climb, walking, jogging, exercise, outdoor
-Feed a baby food. time is 8 am. wait my lovely baby. mom is coming.
– use business
(PR your company (public relations) – productions, name, title)
(The hourly reminder from the best bakery XXX in the world, 2 PM. Have a good day sir!)
(Welcome to the YYY pharmacy(drugstore). Today I feel good 15:00. All of our families are for your         health. Thank you.)

The speaking texts contain
1. the text in front of Hours
2. on Hours (am/pm)
3. the text back of Hours
except no.2, you can make any texts whatever.

Activated Speak hours(time) is checked, it tells you whole sentences hourly(every hour on hours).
– use Desk Clock, Lock Screen, Check the next remind on (desk clock/lock screen)
– use hourly chime, ring, bell, alarm, reminder
– can use time set what time(o’clock) you want to speak.
– speak Am/Pm
– vibration on/off
– even vibration mode/ silent mode can speak time.
– listen preview
– control speaking volume
– headset mode only speak to headset
– during in-call, automatically volume down.
– reboot device, automatically restore every setting.
– During international travel / trip(business) will ring automatically notified at the right time.

(Optimized for time zone / region / country / countries time to change the world (World Time))
** this app never collect any user information !!
** picture/media/file permission; because use data base table for this app.
** device id and call info; because this app can control volume or vibration during in-call.
** Loading time may vary depending on the manufacturer or the devices.(tts engine: text to speech)

What’s New

1. Added the ability to change spoken language (engine) (bottom etc menu; English, Chinese, Japanese study etc.)
2. Added time style when speaking engine is English – US / British
3. Add three more ringtones
4. Notification window (status bar) Added Led function


  • Hourly Reminder Pro (Talking) Screenshot
  • Hourly Reminder Pro (Talking) Screenshot


Hourly Reminder PRO (Talking) v2.9.3 Patched / Mirror