his application enables touch feature of the fingerprint scanner of your mobile phones.

It transforms your finger print scanner into a powerful soft button. Manipulating your phone now becomes a relaxing and comfortable experience: In stead of pressing the sensor down to navigate to home screen, you just need to touch it.

This app requires a Samsung device (or Android 6+ device) with a FingerPrint sensor. It has been tested to run in Samsung Galaxy S7, S7 edge and J7 Prime and Non-Samsung Mobiistar Prime X 2017. It may – but not warranted to – work in other brands/models too.

+ Light Version: Short Touch can be set to navigation to home screen, going back, opening notification panel, opening quick setting panel, showing power button menu, and showing recent apps. Disabled options are enabled upon turning on HomeTouch accessibility service. Sound feed back is selectable.

If you are satistifed with the light version, you may then choose to buy the pro key to unlease all functions available below:

+ Pro version : Enable Long Touch and customize other settings such as exceptions, vibration, delay, set notification icon etc…

+ Long touch : Can be set to actions such as turning the screen off, launch camera, toggle control desk, switch to previous application or show app switcher (similar to Alt+Tab on Windows, switching back and forth between recent applications has never been so easy with this one-touch concept implemented in HomeTouch). Besides, actions available for short touch are also available for long touch.

Control desk features:

++ Text label showing date/time: touch it to show current alarms, long touch it to set new alarms.

++ Recent app panel: 3 recent apps are shown at center, excepted for basic recent apps.

++ Media player buttons (for use with standard media player which responses to system’s media commands)

++ Basic app panel: buttons are shown, they are grouped into 4 category (SMS, Mail, Browers, Calls): Touch to launch and LongTouch to select a new app as default for that button.

++ Calculator, Calendar, HomeTouch, Setting, 3′ exception button, screen capture button.

++ Basic apps as well as Recent apps panels can be turned off if you love simplicity

++ Touch media player buttons to control media player, LongTouch to open default player.

++ Touch camera to launch camera app, LongTouch to select another camera app if you like.

++ Control desk color themes are changable in setting screen.

++ Special button [3′ temporary exception button]: If you need finger print service temporarily for another application, please open that application first, then open control desk of HomeTouch and tap the 3′ button. That previous application will be able to use the fingerprint scanner for 3′ – hopefully enough for your temporary authentication need.


+ Addition of some features:
– Option to pause HomeTouch on phone calls
– Delay start of HomeTouch after screen unlock
– Calibration of touch suppression time and separation time
– UI segmentation with expand / collapse effect
– Start Google Now upon long touch of home icon in control desk
+ Error fixes


The app was not found in the store. 🙁


HomeTouch v1.8 [Pro] / Mirror