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This work is an extension of the site seven vescico quran7m.com One of the main advantages of the program:
1. Audio library: This library contains more than 13,000 audio clip in mp3 format high quality for more than 150 reader .you can save them on your computer.
2. Koran Korans letter of the best ever lets you interpretation directly when pressed on verse 37 interpretation and translation. Koran feature is also available on the teacher once the prolonged pressure verse will be read.
3. The program provides a unique search algorithms of our own property.
4. You may download PDF Koran and the coordination of translations and interpretations format.
5. The software provides complete it property to remind you of the daily do you want to read every day .

Content Sources:
The contents of the program from the following sources to collect:
1. King Fahd Press God’s mercy for Printing the Holy Quran in Medina
2. interpretations and translations from King Saud University in Riyadh Library
3 was obtained recitations of famous readers in the Arab and Muslim world by mp3quran.net

What distinguishes gold version versus free ver:
1. does not contain ads
2. Download an unlimited sound library
3. preference is not limited to audio clips library
4. playlists
5. more than one type of Korans
6. Download any interpretation or translation or voice Koran
7-Search feature by interpretations and translations


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