HikiPlayer PRO

HikiPlayer Pro

HikiPlayer is a lightweight folder based music player.

About HikiPlayer Pro

How to use:
You have 3 screens (can by switched with horizontal swipe):
-file manager for navigation and adding files and folders to playlist (you can add multiple folders to playlist);
-cover screen (shows albumart for current folder), you can switch folder here with verticall swipe;
-playlist (it shows only part for current folder!).

-Local lyrics search by tag
-Quick lyrics translation with extarnal apps
-Customizable text, background, icon color
-Customizable font, icon, seekbar size
-Auto-color mode (set colors based on album art image)
-СUE sheet support (if your device supports FLAC etc.)
-Embedded and external album art (cover.jpg, front.jpg etc.)
-Video playback (codecs supported by device)
-Supports subtitles (.srt)
-Last.fm scrobbling
-Playlist shuffle
-Sleep timer
-Supports headset buttons
-Decrease the volume on phone call
-Home screen widget
-Equalizer, bass boost, virtualizer
-Loading albumart from internet
-File operations
-Text viewer
-Image viewer
-Ad free

* new ‘Show all folders’ option in settings
* new ‘Go to folder’ button in playlist when album is selected
* support d-pad controls
* simplified settings screen
* improved color picker in settings
* more predictable back navigation
* improved few icons
* improved widget layout
* improved controls animation
* fixed lyrics scroll to top when app returned from background
* fixed unexpected playback after unplugged headphones


  • HikiPlayer Pro Screenshot
  • HikiPlayer Pro Screenshot
  • HikiPlayer Pro Screenshot
  • HikiPlayer Pro Screenshot
  • HikiPlayer Pro Screenshot


HikiPlayer PRO v2.4.2 APK / Mirror

HikiPlayer PRO v2.4.0 APK / Mirror

HikiPlayer PRO v2.3.1 APK / Mirror

HikiPlayer PRO v2.2.0 APK / Mirror