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Nearly 20 years ago, GTA: Vice City first transported players to the neon-drenched streets of 1980s Miami. It offered an enticing blend of gripping narrative, boundary-pushing gameplay, and nostalgic style that made it an instant classic. Now, a visually-enhanced re-release for modern consoles ensures this genre-defining title will immerse a new generation in its unique retro charms.

Miami Vice

Vice City plunges gamers headfirst into the excess and vibrant colors that defined the 1980s. Palm trees, bright pastels, and a pulsing synth-pop soundtrack bring the era’s aesthetic to life. Cruising Ocean Beach in an open-top sports car or suiting up in a bold Versace jacket captures the feeling of Miami during its “cocaine cowboy” heyday. An expertly curated musical selection across various radio stations featuring hits from Hall & Oates, Michael Jackson, and Pat Benatar completes the transportive experience.

Cruisin’ in Style

Exploring Vice City’s diverse neighborhoods is made even more enjoyable thanks to players’ wide selection of vehicles. Luxury sports cars, rugged off-road trucks, speedy motorcycles, even seafaring options like boats and a sailboat allow gamers to traverse the city with plenty of flair. For those seeking a bird’s eye view, stealing a swift helicopter offers a thrilling way to survey the sights. And what would a trip back to the 80s be without getting behind the wheel of some seriously vintage wheels? Muscle cars, exotic European sedans and American classics straight from a “Miami Vice” chase scene fill out the garage.

Gripping Crime Drama

While the setting oozes retro style, a Shakespearean tale of ambition and betrayal unfolds at the game’s core. Protagonist Tommy Vercetti’s unwavering quest to seize control of Vice City’s criminal underworld drives the narrative, while an eclectic cast of unpredictable allies and lethal foes keeps the action unpredictable. The exceptional voice acting brings characters vividly to life in this gritty drama full of greed, violence and struggles for power. Tommy’s ruthless rise constantly engages, whether engaging in a tense negotiation or fending off a deadly ambush.

Have Some “Me” Time

While Tommy’s criminal exploits thrill throughout, players can also enjoy Vice City’s lighter side through an entertaining mix of side activities when needing a break from the main storyline’s intensity. Manage Tommy’s growing business empire by acquiring high-end properties across the city or test driving a stolen sports car in high-stakes street races. Some whimsical side ventures like operating as an undercover taxi driver offer humor and surprise. Or skip work altogether – relaxing on a boat or beachfront property and taking in a stunning Vice City sunset is the ultimate way to enjoy Tommy’s hard-won spoils.

Built to Last

With visual and gameplay upgrades, GTA: Vice City retains its essential spirit while evolving with modern times in this re-release. Improved graphics and performance ensure Vice City appears more stunning than ever while new targeting and controls cater to what today’s gamers expect. Whether a nostalgic fan reliving glory days or a new generation venturing down these neon-bathed streets for the first time, the improvements help Vice City feel comfortable yet excitingly contemporary. Two decades since its debut, enhanced for the 2020s, Vice City still stands triumphantly as the open-world crime saga against which all others are measured.



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