Experience the organizing abilities of FOTO proven by users all around the globe.
With FOTO you can organize 100 photos in a minute.

■ Tap~ and thousands of photos get organized in an instant (Perfectly synchronized with the default album)
■ No ads.
■ Tag and search photos or videos. ( view by tags )
■ Sort album(folder) list by create time, added time, name, custom(drag & drop ) order.
■ Sort photos/videos by create time, added time, name, size order.
■ Set favorite photo as album cover.
■ Make a gif from video
■ Find your photos by albums & date easily.
■ Hide/exclude private albums
■ Enjoy photos through your TV using chromecast.

What’s New

  •  Deutsch translation
  •  Hindi translation
  •  View all tags
  •  Move an album to SD card
  •  Rotate photos at once
  •  More rotate menu on Photo Viewer
  •  Fixed bugs.


  • FOTO Galerie Screenshot
  • FOTO Galerie Screenshot

Download Links

FOTO Gallery Premium v4.00.10 [Mod Lite] APK / Link / Link / Link

FOTO Gallery Premium v4.00.9 APK / Link / Link / Link